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Having a dog rescue center has been a dream of mine, but diving into the pet service industry, I  found a way to balance business while fundraising, fostering, raising awareness of rescues & rehoming pups in need of a forever home! 


Overseas Adoptions: Every week, rescues in Thailand send animals to adopters around the world with many to the US & Canada, as a rabies shot & cleared health check is all that's required to fly. Adopting out locally is very unreliable as many ex-pat's dump them at the temples after 2yrs or so when their term is over in which then they have no idea how to fend for themselves & often pass due to starvation or being overtaken by dominant street dogs. The dog meat trade is very alive & well also, so getting them to the US is like striking gold AKA safety! I have become very familiar in working with rescues abroad. The 'adoption fee' is solely the cost of flight & crate (great to have at home) in which flight costs are significantly decreased with a flight volunteer which come and go every other month or so. The rescues take care of the rabies shot, vaccinations, spaying/neutering, microchip, & a full health check (they come with all their vet records). They must be 100% healthy to fly unless on prescribed medications by their veterinarian. The rescue sends regular photo & video updates & will even do a Skype date to introduce the pup you're interested in, while getting more acquainted with you, learning about your lifestyle, ensuring it's a perfect fit! I am here to assist during the entire adoption process! I'd be happy to explain the process more in depth if anyone is interested in learning more! Seems daunting, but very doable & SO rewarding! <3 

Daisy, a local surrender from Las Vegas, adopted to my Aunt & Uncle in Central CA Sept 11'! My 1st adoption!
Lexi, adopted at Canine & 'Cocktails I' through Smidget Rescue - Auburn to the Graham's in Bonney Lake, WA Dec 12'!
Bella & Surin, "our" sister duo we rescued on our Thailand Honeymoon, adopted to the Wynn's in Seattle, WA March 13'!
Gus, a local surrender, adopted to the Synder's in Seattle, WA April 13'!
Nala, from Bellingham, adopted to the Reeve's in Spanaway, WA Aug 13'!
Ana, from Phuket, Thailand, adopted to the Pedersen's in Golden, CO Jan 14'!
This Bearded Dragon was rescued by Officer Thiry & I rehomed her to a Shelton home May 14'!
2x Smidget Rescue & 'Canine & Cocktail' adopters, Chewy was adopted by the Graham's in Bonney Lake, WA  July 14'!
Olaf, from Sava's Safe Haven in Romania, adopted to the Matison's in Graham, WA Sept 14'!
Jewel, rescued from a Gov pound in Phuket, Thailand & adopted to the Palermo's in Milton, WA Nov 14'!
Olive, from Smidget Rescue - Auburn, adopted to the Kelly's in Tacoma, WA Nov 14'!
Lady, rescued from being stuck on a chain 24/7 from Bangkok, Thailand & adopted to the Gunther's in Gig Harbor, WA Dec 14'!
Pip, rescued as a baby from Phuket, Thailand whose mother was killed & adopted to Miss Neal in Tacoma, WA Dec 14'
Felicity, from Smidget Rescue - Auburn, adopted to the William's in Puyallup, WA Dec 14'!
Kirby, from Smidget Rescue - Auburn adopted to 'foster failures', the Rybicki's Jan 15'! 6 dogs officially completes their pack!
Roxy, rescued from a horrid shelter in Phuket, Thailand & adopted to Miss Girard in Federal Way, WA while sharing her at 'Canine & Cocktails III' Feb 15'!
Faith, adopted from Phuket, Thailand at 'Canine & Cocktails III' to the Dozier's in Puyallup, WA Feb 15'! They have added another Thai pup to the family since!
Danner, a local surrender, adopted to Miss Kruse in Portland, OR, arriving home just in time for his mum's first Mother's Day May 15'! 
Trixie, from Phuket, Thailand, adopted to a Vancouver BC, Canada home May 15'!
Maximus, from Phuket, Thailand, adopted to the Kelly's in Roy, WA June 15'! I met him on my Thailand visit & learned about his owners awfuly abusive & neglectful ways, hung out with the sweet fella who was just a puppy, so my friends & I devised a plan to rescue & rehome him! Mission accomplished!
Siblings Mia, Louis, & Coco all rescued from the dog meat trade in Songkhla, Thailand & adopted to Tacoma, Orcas Island, & Graham, WA homes July & August 15'!
Hazel, rescued from being sold into the dog meat trade at the same shipping yard as the 3 puppies to the left in Songkhla, Thailand, she was adopted by the Thompson's in Renton, WA August 15'!
Tippy, a local surrender destined to the pound, was adopted in Gig Harbor, WA Oct 15'!
Siblings Ghost, Rascal, Buddy & Margaret, all rescued from a situation of complete neglect on a farm in Eastern, WA along w/ a couple more siblings that got adopted. These pups made it to the West side finding forever love in Puyallup, Tacoma & Renton, WA, Oct 15'!  
Found roadside in Phuket, Thailand w/ mama Mari & her her litter of 3wk old puppies, they were rescued by The Bodhi Shelter. Novia, Romeo, & Mari were all adopted to Seattle, WA & Bend, OR, arriving together on Christmas Eve Dec 15'! Mari's family adored her so much, they couldn't stand the thought of a sibling being left alone at the shelter since they were all so close, so Mari's baby, Bubbles, joined their family Feb 16', keeping mama & one of her babies together forever!
Local surrender Maverick was rescued from neglect, rehomed, returned, & now has been adopted to the most perfect home on a farm in Edgewood, WA Dec 15'!
Aiden, from the Bodhi Shelter - Thailand adopted to Puyallup, WA then rehomed to a Tacoma, WA home Dec 15'!
Joop Joop, from the Bodhi Shelter - Thailand adopted to the Bollig's of Edmonds, WA Jan 16'!
Jaynie, Joop Joop's mom (left), from the Bodhi Shelter - Thailand adopted & arrived at the same time as her daughter to the Ingham family of Seattle, WA Jan 16'! Now they dog sit for each other & they're regularly reunited <3
Lexi (formerly named after me!), from the Bodhi Shelter - Thailand, adopted to Miss Archer of Tacoma, WA  Feb 16'! DOGWORXX fur-fam member now! :D
Bubbles, adopted by the Guild family who also adopted her mama in Dec in Seattle, WA, keeping mom & daughter together forever! Fully fundraised for flight! Adopted Feb 16'!
Gypsy, a local surrender, adopted in Gig Harbor, WA  March 16'! 
Nadia, Mama Mari's daughter from the Bodhi Shelter - Thailand, adopted to the Walsh family in Boston, MA  March 16'!
Bokkie, from the Bodhi Shelter - Thailand adopted to Miss Twiford of Shoreline, WA  March 16'!
Amigo, from the Bodhi Shelter - Thailand, adopted to Tacoma, WA family May 16'!
Oreo, a local surrender, adopted to Crystal, Owner of Great Companions, in Des Moines, WA June 16'! Once not social at all w/ other dogs.. She loves cuddling with other fluffies now <3
'Tripawed' Finnigan, found with his front leg cut in 1/2, was rescued by the Bodhi Shelter - Thailand, adopted to Miss Stevens of Seattle, WA  July 16' & now lives in Guatemala!
Peyton, abandoned at a sitters home, adopted to the Sample family of Olympia, WA July 16'!
Troy, from Phuket, Thailand, adopted to the Londerville family of Auburn, WA Aug 16'!
Kanom, from The Bodhi Shelter - Thailand, adopted to Kim & Scott + their Taiwan rescue pup Oliver of Northbend, WA Nov 16'!
Lassie, from The Bodhi Shelter - Thailand, adopted to regular overseas adopter, Paula, in Portland, OR Dec 16'! RIP sweet girl :( 
Local surrender, Godfrey, adopted to Mr. Pinch of Olympia, WA Jan 17'!
Local surrender, Ranger, adopted to the Hart family of Tacoma, WA March 17'!
Ella, from the Bodhi Shelter - Thailand, adopted to DOGWORXX family, Ken & Jennifer Francis, in Gig Harbor, WA July 17'!
Louie, from Help Street Dogs & Cats -Thailand, adopted to DOGWORXX family & 2x Thai pup adopters, Ken & Jennifer, in Gig Harbor, WA Dec 17'!
DOGWORXX fur Fam, Duke, AKA Dukester, adopted to a lovely Pug loving family in Graham, WA Sept 18'!
Zoey, an 8 yr old local surrender, rehomed to the Kawamura's in her hometown of Puyallup, WA Feb 18'!
Rocky, from Salt Lake City, UT, adopted to the Moyer family of DOGWORXX, Feb 19'!
Fur fam, Suzie, put up at death row & refused multiple times, adopted to DOGWORXX supporter, Jayne, in Seattle, WA Sept 19'!
Leroy, a 6 yr old local surrender, rehomed to my neighbor's in NE Tacoma, WA April 20'!
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