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Canine & Cocktails III

A VERY successful 'Canine & Cocktails' fundraiser held at The Social Bar & Grill, benefitting Doggie Heaven Rescue​, K9Aid, the Bodhi Clinic​ & Soi Dog Foundation​ who rescue & rehabilitate abandoned, hurt, abused, trafficked, & disabled dogs & cats from the streets & dog meat trade in Thailand. While sharing the proceeds to so many causes, dozens of dogs lives have been forever changed for the better. This could not have been achieved without Community involvement & I deeply thank everyone for their compassion to show support & give <3


Result: A stunning $8260 raised, 2 DHR adoptions & 2 FULL suitcases of dog supplies donated w/ about 200 folks in attendance!

How C&C III Made a Difference Across the Globe...

I personally traveled & transported two FULL suitcases of dog supplies to Thailand for Doggie Heaven, the Bodhi Clinic & shared food & flea treatment w/ the struggling & frail street pups & kitties too!

2 Doggie Heaven Rescue adoptions from attendees to Puyallup & Tacoma, WA, along w/ 3 Thai pups arrivals to the Tacoma area just weeks prior!

$250 flight sponsorship for Doggie Heaven pup Miss Cleo that got adopted to the UK which is VERY costly w/ strict quarantine restrictions (around $1800 total)! I'm so happy I got the chance to see her off just a few weeks prior to her departure in Thailand!

$712 FULL flight sponsorship for 3 Soi Dog meat trade survivors (departing 2wks after the fundraiser) from collar, leash & bow tie sales made by GIVE a Dog a Bone at the fundraiser!

We finished the $57 funding for Headrock’s new on-site food & medicine room that they needed so badly. Headrock Shelter’s food storage room was so small, they had to take roof tiles off to put the food bags inside! Medicine for the dogs were stored in the washroom & the space was way too small for the number of dogs they care for. Because of lack of food storage, the food had to be left outside. They have now completed the food storage room which will has room for a fridge to keep medicine – a luxury they’ve never had before! They also installed a sink to wash medical equipment & their hands! This new construction has made life so much easier for everyone! Best of all, the dogs won’t be able to make holes in the bags & steal the food anymore ;)

$85 sponsorship for Pikajoo's chemo treatment to shrink a large football sized venereal tumor while covering his foster care & his new cage. Pikajoo really needed our help! This poor old street dog was found w/ a TVT growth on his abdomen. It was inflamed & bleeding, causing him to be anemic. The tumor looks really bad, but it has already dramatically improved w/ each chemo treatment & there’s a good chance he’ll be completely cured! Pikajoo is a very lucky boy because a local foster family is now caring for him during his treatment! They take him to the vet every week for his chemo in which the tumor should shrink w/ each dose. I’m so happy we’re able to support this hurting boy. Without volunteer rescuers who locate, capture & take these dogs in for veterinary care, they’d die on the streets.

Pikajoo is such a trooper through it all! He still has a couple more rounds of chemo to go, but after 2wks of treatment, the tumor has shrunk considerably & he's doing really well! He loves his trips to the vet on the side of the motorbike! Wind in his hair... Makes him super happy!

$150 sponsorship towards Ava's vet bills in Bangkok that needed leg surgery. I’ve been following little Miss Ava since Day 1 when she arrived in the loving care of my sweet dog rescuing friend in Bangkok, Patarin Phadungpisuth. My husband & I were so shocked & just sad for her awful state when she arrived in early October - her story hit us hard. Ava had a low red blood cell count & platelets, her white blood cells were quite high, her liver wasn’t doing well, she had sarcoptic mange, her body lacked of nutrition, resulting in anemia, & most visibly in which she still deals with is Patella Luxation on both her hind legs. She’s been in & out of the hospital nonstop since. We’ve been watching her progress regularly & what a world of improvement she has made! You wouldn’t even recognize her from before & after! Now she had been adopted in Norway, but will require surgery on her hind legs soon, along w/ treatment for her mange before she departs. Thanks to 'Canine & Cocktails' supporters, we’ve been able to help with her medical expenses. I can’t wait to see this girl in her forever home, living the life she so desperately deserves <3

To follow Princess Ava's journey, please ‘like’:

$450 sponsorship to cover the cost of foster, food & medical care for 3 dying dogs at a Pattaya shelter. The tragic result of more than 1000 dogs at Phu Ta Luang Animal Shelter in Pattaya, Thailand w/ most who were dumped & unhealthy, have reports of up to 10 dogs dying each week :’( With so many dogs in one shelter, the weaker less confident dogs begin to starve, waste away & give up hope. It’s not possible to help all these dogs, but we can try to help the most vulnerable. These 3 dogs: Maki, Mai Thai & Rin were not coping in the shelter & without help, would have surely died. Bangkok rescuers have pulled 7 dogs, including these 3 & they're now in a hospital in Bangkok. Lack of food for many months has caused these dogs to become severely malnourished & dehydrated. A number of volunteers have been working w/ these dogs to help w/ immunization & to supply them w/ food. Many dogs have severe skin conditions which need long-term treatment & care. The cost of foster, food & medical care is about $150/dog. With our help, more of the most vulnerable dogs have been removed from this shelter, taken into foster care & treated in Bangkok. Our  donation ensured that Maki, Mai Thai & Rin got the treatment & care they needed at the Bangkok Veterinary Hospital.

Before - Feb           After - June

$200 sponsorship for Boorod, a Thai street dog who has been struggling daily to survive w/ her severely injured leg, starving & dehydrated self. Taken to the Vet by a Thai rescue worker as she was visibly in horrid pain, only able to walk on three legs, she has now also been treated for severe de-hydration, blood infection & skin problems. Once her health was more stable, she was able to finally get the surgery she so desperately needed to amputate her injured leg. It was so damaged, it could not be saved. In order for her to get that surgery, her health was solely dependent on donations. Our $200 donation meant Boorod could have her surgery right away. I’ve seen other Thai street dogs go through the agony of having a severely damaged leg (most hit by cars) & it’s truly heartbreaking. I’d loved seeing that she could have her surgery ASAP.

We purchased a $1000 surgical/exam table to help Soi Dog Foundation​ vets perform lifesaving surgeries. Our donation has brought Soi Dog one step closer to being able to provide much improved care to many more dogs & save thousands of lives.

In making more positive changes at Soi Dog Foundation​, we purchased a $500 heated mattress to provide comfort for critically ill patients at the shelter. Despite Thailand’s warm climate, when critically ill or having suffered trauma, a dog’s body temperature can drop dangerously low. By sponsoring a heated mattress we have ensured that animals at risk have the best chance to survive.

We donated $200 to the Bodhi Shelter which I visited + gave 2 FULL suitcases of medical supplies, collars, leashes, food, treats, toys, grooming supplies, etc which totaled around $2k in items! The Bodhi Clinic cares for & rehabilitates countless homeless & abused cats & dogs each year. I had the pleasure of meeting the rescues 94 sweet pups while touring Owner Tina’s amazing facility on my own & I was shocked at how this one phenomenal woman can keep up with this large of a crew! It’s so nicely setup w/ dog runs, a giant pool area, bowls of wet & dry food & water laid out everywhere, organized charts w/ their routine medical needs listed, & a ton of built ‘cubby’ type areas for the dogs to cool down & have alone time in. She has her own vet clinic on site at the temple, but she also goes around the Community pouring her heart out in providing free veterinary care to local people’s pets who can’t necessarily afford vet care from a hospital. Tina also cares for street dogs that are in great need of medical attention or food. She cares for a lot of dogs that have been poisoned, are severely ill, starving or in bad condition. Once rehabilitated, she adopts them out, but can you imagine taking care of 60+ dogs a day, driving around the Community helping local cats & dogs, responding to emails/msg’s online constantly & having time to post all the dogs available for adoption!? Well, she’s a one woman ran kind of show & I don’t know how she manages it all! I help adopt out dogs from here, so if you're ever in need of a furry companion, feel free to ask me about the overseas adoption process! She has well over 100 dogs available for adoption with most who have never stepped foot in a home, nor will they ever.

To learn more about the Bodhi Clinic, please check out:

If you'd like to sponsor a reoccurring donation of $22/month to this self-funded rescue, please take a look at:!donate/ctzx .

$250 donation to Doggie Heaven Rescue, which is where I spent most of my year helping out w/ adoptions! I have been volunteering my time in helping to rehome over 1/2 of their loveable rescue pups in which we now have 6 residing here in the PNW! I finally had my chance to hang w/ the crew in Thailand for two days which was super exciting because I felt like I really knew the gang from all the descriptive feedback I’ve received online from the DHR crew, so it made it that much more fun to actually meet them all in person which was an experience of a lifetime! I've lived & breathed DHR for the past couple of months especially, literally every day, so it was a true joy for me to finally meet everyone! DHR is a small rescue in Phuket, Thailand who rescues dogs who are injured, ill or neglected & ensure to provide them w/ everything they need to recover. A combination of food, the right medicine, lots of love & time to rest, they find themselves healthy, rejuvenated & ready to enjoy life again! This is by far the nicest rescue setup I’ve ever visited & the dogs are so well behaved! The pups are spoiled to bits thanks to their live in caregiver & trainer, so they have easily transitioned from the streets to a personalized living situation so that they can simply ease into their future forever homes.

$1400 sponsorship for Maximus to receive vet work, flight, crate + goodies to fly to his forever home in Roy, WA! We had the pleasure of meeting Maxie when we traveled to Thailand. Hearing about this horrid upbringing & current abusive living situation in which he was chained up to a 5' lead 24/7, constantly beaten & yelled at by his owners for 7 months, we just couldn't let him go on like that. No-one ever touched, stroked or cuddled him... He thought that was normal life. He was the happiest pup still as my good friends would whisk him away to the beach daily while giving him a good homecooked meal every night. Well after much talk & strategic planning, my absolutely wonderful dog rescuing connections over there that totally adore Maxie, got him out of there & to safety at The Bodhi Clinic - Thailand where we fully funded his medical bills so that he could fly to the PNW for forever love. Arriving to Sea-Tac 06/16/15, he met his wonderful family that has 5 acres of land to race around on w/ 5 horses, a Jack Russell Terrier sister & Lab cousin + 2 kiddos to cuddle & keep busy with. I am so proud of the constant teamwork that was put in daily for this precious guy. Couldn't be happier for him, especially knowing I don't have to worry about the miserable life he could still be living anymore <3

$500 flight sponsorship + $545 raised online for these 3 precious pups, Mia, Louis & Coco that barely made it out of the shipyard alive as the Cambodian folks were whisking them away to disembark to Vietnam to be sold for dog meat. Thankfully Tamara came to their rescue just in the knick of time. They enjoyed a full month of pampering by her until their forever homes were found in Tacoma, Orcas Island, & Graham, WA in which all dogs had flight sponsorship! Without Tamara, they would have been beaten & skinned alive for the Vietnamese next meal.

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