Canine & Cocktails IV

A very low-key 'Canine & Cocktails IV' supply drive sponsored by the 'Life at the Points' magazine, Picasso Catering, Heritage Distilling Company, Inc​, & Diamond Limo at our former location, Dash Point Dog House, LLC,​ raising supplies for the Bodhi Shelter - Thailand & local Smidget Rescue​.


Result: One very FULL suitcase of supplies was sent to Thailand with me personally & a car load of supplies was taken over to the Smidget's in the new year! Unexpectantly, $350 was raised to put towards flight sponsorship for a mama pup, Mari, that was found roadside w/ her 3wk old puppies who will be flying out here soon, along w/ her puppies that have been adopted to this area! Some of the C&C supporters were so generous to donate an additional $250 towards flying her pups over! So very thankful for everyone's participation <3

Find Us @ the bottom of The Henry Apartments!
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1941 Dock St Ste B,

Tacoma, WA 98422

(Bottom of The Henry)

2 Free Parking Spaces located directly in front for swift drop-off & pickup! Please hit the doorbell & we'll be right out!