Flight Sponsorships 

$600 fundraised to fly Olaf to forever love...

This Romanian cutie was dumped in a box at Savas Safe Haven at 4mo old. He had little to no chance of finding a home locally with the 200+ dogs already at the rescue. A little social network sharing and…. It was love at first photo sight for Olaf's mom-to-be!! After recruiting help from our good friends at K9Aid to host an online fundriaser for him, $600 was raised! Thanks to supporters help, he is thoroughly enjoying his first & forever home in Graham, WA with his two loving parents, three beautiful children to play with & two older fur siblings to look up to!

$250 fundraised to fly Cleo to forever love...

With super strict quaratine restrictions & hefty flight costs of around $1800 total to the UK, Cleo's flight was partially sponsored thanks to Canine & Cocktails III supporters! This 4.5yr old Pointer/Thai Mix girl was found in a large enclosure w/ about 300 dogs, all riled up & hungry. She came over & put her sore head that had been chomped on by other dogs on her rescuer, as if to say "Take me out of here PLEEAASSEE…" So she did & look at her now! She LOVES to give kisses, snuggle, & smiles a lot! Today she's completely healed, is one super happy girl, enjoying forever love in her loving home in the UK! I'm so happy I got to see her off in Thailand before she departed for some fun play at the beach! 

$1400 fundraised to fly Maximus to forever love...


I had the pleasure of meeting Maxie when we traveled to Thailand. Hearing about his horrid upbringing & current abusive living situation in which he was chained up to a 5' lead 24/7, constantly being beaten & yelled at by his owners for 7 months, we just couldn't let him go on like that. No-one ever touched, stroked or cuddled him... He thought that was normal life. He was the happiest pup still as my good friends would whisk him away to the beach daily while giving him a good homecooked meal every night. His awful owner surprisingly allowed it. Well, after much talk & strategic planning after spending some good quality time with the little guy on the beach & seeing him SO happy, my absolutely wonderful dog rescuing connections over there that totally adore Maxie, got him out of there & to safety at The Bodhi Clinic - Thailand where we FULLY funded his medical bills so that he could fly to Graham, WA to forever love. Arriving to Sea-Tac 06/15, he met his wonderful family that has 5 acres of land to race around on with 5 horses, a Jack Russell Terrier sister & Lab cousin + 2 kiddos to cuddle & keep busy with! I am so proud of the constant teamwork that was put in daily for this precious guy. Couldn't be happier for him, especially knowing I don't have to worry about the miserable life he could still be living anymore. The rescue my friends worked at next door closed & 1 day without a visit & Max was found lying outside the rescues gates, covered in fecal matter, just in complete distress, wanting his friends that brought the only light to his life to come back.. It absolutely devastated us all. Thank you Canine & Cocktail III for helping to save this precious little guys life <3 

$1045 fundraised to fly siblings Mia, Louis & Coco to forever love...

These siblings barely made it out of the shipyard alive as the Cambodian folks were whisking them away to disembark to Vietnam to sell them for their meat. Thankfully my friend Tamara came to their rescue just in the knick of time. They enjoyed a full month of pampering by her until their forever homes were found in Tacoma, Orcas Island, & Graham, WA in which all dogs had flight sponsorship! Without Tamara, they would have been beaten & skinned alive for the Vietnamese next meal.

$817 fundraised to fly Novia, Bubbles & Mari to forever love...

Mama Mari was found on the side of the road in a ditch in Thailand with her 3 week old litter which included 5 precious pups. The Bodhi Shelter - Thailand took them in, raising them to good health so that they could find forever love at the shy age of 4 months old. With Novia, Romeo, Bubbles, Nadia, & mama Mari finding homes here in the Pacific Northwest, flight costs were fundraised for the gang. Elmo & Buffy were adopted locally in Phuket. Bubbles was the last one of the family at the shelter at the time & mama Mari's family was so in love with her, they adopted her last daughter too who was fully fundraised for, keeping mama & daughter together furever <3 The puppies have reunited here in the Seattle area for play dates. They have so much fun together & they're just the cutest sight - cute fluff balls rolling around together! We couldn't be happier to of been a major role in helping to find these sweet pups families to love on them, while fundraising for them, and seeing them flourish in their first homes of their own. 

$2280 fundraised so Mac could escape life in a cage... 

About 6 months ago, it was learned that a Doberman & a German Shephard had been surviving in a 6' x 6' crate together for over 6 years. Mac entered the cage as just a puppy & the German Shephard would release her pent up frustration on Mac, pouncing on her & not sharing food. Once Mac grew, she realized her strength & so the tables turned, doing the same back to the German Shephard. The owners allowed The Bodhi Shelter - Thailand to take the Shephard, named Sheba, who shortly after died from old age. The owners refused to give up Mac for quite some time... Tina, Owner of The Bodhi Shelter, persisted & persisted until they finally gave in...


This video was the day Bodhi was able to rescue Mac:



Staying at The Bodhi Shelter for 2 months, Mac was adopted out locally which didn't work out... Shortly after learning about her story, Mac received a FANTASTIC & rare opportunity to fly to the beautiful Doberman Rescue Ontario in Canada in March. She was by far the most costly dog to fly due to her large size, so we put together a fundraiser for her which was fully sponsored! At DRO, she was trained & evaluated on a property of 10 acres, shared with 9 other Dobermans & was adopted to previous adopters who have a lot of experience with her breed, are retired to give her all the love & time it takes to get her used to living indoors, & she has 150 acres to freely roam on! We are so happy for this precious girl! She is so deserving of this new lease on life! <3 

$300 fundraised to fly senior Thai girl Sweetie to foster care in Toronto Canada...

After posting Sweetie on Petfinder &having several adoption inquiries fail for this sweet old gal after enduring such hardship of living on the streets, Sweetie is off to Canada early Nov 17' for her chance at everlasting love...


Sweetie suffered for years from mange & malnutrition... Nearly 4 years ago, rescuers found Sweetie wandering the streets, struggling to survive + with a severe case of mange... The mange caused all of her hair to fall out, which left her bald, itchy & shivering... She was brought to a local shelter in Phuket, Thailand where she spent the next couple years in good hands, waiting patiently to be adopted.

While Sweetie's well being did improve dramatically, she was generally unhappy & withdrawn living at the shelter... Sweetie lucked out one day when two volunteers, including our phenomenal dog rescuing friend Alea McLaren, took her home to be fostered! This sweetheart lives up to her name & gets along with everyone; dog, cat, human; big & small. She is a relaxed, easy girl who LOVES her walks, & enjoys a good digging session! Although Sweetie has been listed on Petfinder for MONTHS, she has received no serious interest - likely because she is an older dog. This beautiful soul deserves nothing but the best. We are SO grateful to have a group of dog-loving Canadians help Sweetie get the forever home she deserves, which included the DOGWORXX family pulling together to raise $300 of her $650 flight costs! Amazing work DOGWORXX family!!!! Arriving to Toronto Nov 6th, she will be picked up & fostered by fellow rescuer, Shelley Craig who we've had the pleasure to meet with as she was a flight volunteer from some scoobies we helped adopt out in the past! Shelley will keep Sweetie at her home as long as needed until finding her perfect happily ever after, in a forever home... <3 

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