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How it all began... A true labor of love... 

This business began in the line of rescue & raising awareness for rescue pups in need of love & a new beginning.


There are so many dogs that are homeless, neglected, abused, trafficked, etc. Our heart goes out to those dog foundations that are doing their part to bring a new life to the tragedy these dogs have experienced. We are continuously trying to increase awareness for these selfless rescues while offering hope to those that need a loving home. We have gratefully put on a successful 'Canine & Cocktails I, II, III & IV' + countless supply drives & online fundraisers, thanks to generous community supporters, raising funds & goods for Soi Dog Foundation, Smidget Rescue, Doggie Heaven Rescue, The Bodhi Clinic, K9Aid, GIVE a Dog a Bone, & Help Street Dogs & Cats. We can't think of a better way to give back to these selfless folks that work around the clock to better the lives of the furballs. We will continue to raise hope for dogs & dog-lovers alike. Thank you for those that have generously supported the cause & that continue to do so.. <3 























































Honeymoon Rescue Mission... 

The girl's that changed the Hill's world FOREVER.... Their Thailand Honeymoon in 2012 was unexpectedly a true rescue mission that flip-flopped Tiffany’s career from the hotel world to the crazy dog loving world, placing her in the right work field since she’s always had a huge love for animals... For these girls, the Hill’s will always be grateful… <3

The miracle of Bella & Surin… Dumped by ex-pat’s on the streets of Phuket, Thailand, they met this super sweet sister duo prior to the afternoon where Bella was brutally attacked by an aggressive dog on Surin beach. They were just the most loving girls that went right up to them as they awaited their excursion car. John snuck them rolls & goodies from the breakfast buffet at their hotel while they waited. They were just so pretty, calm, & full of love with nonstop kisses to give. They ventured off with a local man, making them think they were headed home (not street dogs)… Later that day, to their surprise, they ran into frightened Surin on Surin Beach (they named her after) with her tail in-between her legs, begging for them to not leave her side. Walking with her along the beach, they ran into a restaurant owner that knew the rescuer of her sister - the mom of one of the restaurant owners! She had taken her sister Bella up the way to a Vet for urgent care. Dozens of folks watched the horrific incident take place earlier that day, attempting to beat the attacker that had locked its jaw around her, hitting the dog w/ 2x4's, throwing sand in its face, while Bella was being swung around like a rag-doll. Lynnette bravely walked into the middle of the scuffle & for some reason, the dog let go, leaving Bella terrified, limp, & covered in blood. Lynnette swooped her up & took her to the vet immediately. Hearing Surin’s sister was at the vet, they knew they had to reunite them since they were so bonded & they feared they would be lost without each other, constantly seeking to find one another. But where would they keep them? After hearing about what happened, they walked back to their hotel after feeding Surin some pizza from a little restaurant they found nearby, with Tiffany bawling her eyes out knowing that Bella could die & that they may never be reunited again. Poor Surin was terrified, she didn’t have her sister by her side & they just had no idea what to do with her...


Arriving to the hotel, Surin knew better to not step into the lobby area, so when the Hill’s did, she ran off. They told the front desk folks that they didn't realize only spoke Thai, to call them if she came back. Sure enough, they pieced it all together & 10min later after they retreated to their hotel room, they got a phone call... It was a torrential downpour as Tiffany sprinted back to the front of the hotel & like something out of a movie, Surin got on her hind legs, smiling, & jumped on Tiffany, putting her front paws on her shoulders, licking her face. Tiffany was crying & her husband knew better... He grabbed the umbrella in a bucket beside them, popped it open, didn’t say a word, but gave an eye as if to say, ‘let’s go’, & they all headed back down to the beachfront restaurant together. Surprisingly, Lynnette was there when they arrived! The girls couldn't stay at the restaurant since there were so many regular restaurant dogs there already that were very territorial so they walked about a mile up the street in the pouring rain, with Tiffany carrying Surin like a big baby doll since she feared everything, to her son's house & Surin stayed with her son for a couple of days while Bella recovered at the vet (wasn’t expected to survive because of so much blood loss).

They walked Surin daily & reunited the two every day after dainty Bella was well enough (she was a trooper in her recovery), while bringing them treats & spending quality time w/ both. Surin then moved over to the vet to stay w/ Bella, as she clearly wanted company. Bella recovered at the vet for 2wks. Thankfully after being told "no" several times in bringing the girls back to the US since they were flying through Hong Kong that doesn't allow dogs, Soi Dog Foundation refused to take them both at first because only one was injured & the vet was full for boarding... Soi Dog finally came around in helping since they gave them their secured word that they would fully fund their flight + crate to get them to the US, so they had them fostered in Thailand for 2 months with the most loving couple, while receiving all health work by Soi Dog in preparation for flight. Tiffany found a home for them together via Facebook that was local... So they thought.

Utilizing all the wedding money gifted to them & selling all of their wedding things to sponsor their flights to Seattle, the girls finally departed Thailand 3 months later! Arriving on Thanksgiving Day 2012, with flight volunteer's flying from Thailand to Bellingham, they finally made it! Unfortunately, they were given to an awful family that weren't who they said they were (high school friend, family history of rescuing dogs, 5ac, walked daily, homemade treats, lived nearby....). They dumped them together behind the Downtown Puyallup KMART in one crate for possibly days after having them for 3 months, in which it was pouring rain, they were soaked & had no food or drinking water, nor did they relieve themselves to potty stuck in such a cramped space. Luckily, an employee went back there on break & heard the two crying & sure enough, they had the video footage of the truck, license plate, & the guy dropping them off. Thankfully the animal shelter didn't euthanize them after having them for a week because they knew they were someone's dog's with the microchip they had, but they couldn't read it since it was an International chip. A gal in Chicago traces these kind of chips so they awaited results which was traced back to Soi Dog in Thailand, & Soi Dog knew instantly that they were our girls, so Tiffany woke up to 30+ phone calls, msg's, emails about the girls being dumped. Absolutely horrified with this news, she thought they had surely been euthanized by now! Figures, the shelter was closed that day too, so she had no idea if they were still alive! One of the longest & emotional days of her life! Her & her dad went to the shelter the following morning first thing when they opened up & sure enough, there were the girls!!! <3 The shelter immediately put them back into their protective custody for 3wks since they had the actual adoption papers that she had forgotten to give to the new owners (thank goodness)! 

They went through so much hardship together & so many concerned individuals helped out in making the US a permanent home for them (30+ folks in caring, fostering, treating, sponsoring). The Hill’s were told so many times that it wasn’t possible to get them to the US & if they didn’t, they wouldn’t survive on the streets again, so it was their mission to get them to safety & forever love… Soi Dog Foundation made their new life possible & they wouldn’t have known about them without the help of Bella’s rescuer, Lynnette. They have been SO loved & cherished by their forever family, the Wynn’s, who Tiffany touched base w/ again on Facebook as they had commented on their photo's while they were in Thailand, wishing they could adopt them first, but they needed 6 months to get moved in & settled into their new home. Sent a comment her way (Tiffany’s best friend from Elementary) since it had been 6 months, they came over instantly & fell in love! They have a dog walker, put a fence in right away, are ran daily, & now have 2 baby brother’s that they constantly protect, just spoiled to bits, giving them the life they so desperately deserve TOGETHER FOREVER <3


Newspaper & Supply Drives for Smidget Rescue - Maple Valley

Local Smidget Rescue can always use supplies for their precious Smidget's! The rescue is completely non-profit, rescuing mostly small designer breeds from the euthanasia table in So-Cal shelters & local puppy mills. They appreciate any & all supplies, even those with wear & tear! I've donated well over 15' high in newspapers that I've collected from around the community, have cut carpet squares from carpet that my parents have gotten rid of to put in various sized crates that she regularly uses, collected potty pads, nail clippers, rain coats, dresses, hankerchiefs, a kids pool & hampers for her puppy litters & sweaters for dress-up to enhance their cuteness for adoption photo's, harnesses, treats, crates, dry & canned food, collars, leashes, blankets, paper towels, used large dogs beds, etc! Smidget Rescue is always in need of paper towels & newspapers! Newspapers are surprisingly hard to come by unless you live in a place that has a big recycling bin, so save them up & feel free to drop here anytime! They make great potty pads! The Smidget's are so deserving of some extra touches to increase the comfort of their hopefully short stay at Smidget Rescue! Thank you to those of you who have generously donated already & those who continue to do regularly <3 The Smidget's say THANK YOU w/ their tails wagging & sloppy kisses sent your way ;)

Mission Get a Dog House for ALL 250 Dogs in Romania of Sava's Safe Haven is a SUCCESS!

In Romania, they endure very harsh winters with the rescue being filled with a couple feet of snow each year, along with high winds running through with complete cloud covering, making it extremely chilly for the dog's. The facility is completely outdoors & the dog's always run for the dog houses, piling up inside with some dogs being left out in the bitter cold. Providing these dog houses is crucial in keeping them warm. Now they have dog houses for EVERY dog, filling three pup's to each house, all filled with blankets (not hay anymore) & every dog has a sweater now thanks to fundraising initiatives of supporters from all over the globe! I have to say, providing one house isn't much, but it truly warms my heart knowing we'll be keeping some pup's very happy, warm, & safe this winter season <3  


This is where cute little Jussi, now Olaf, is from, the Labrador Retriever mixed pup I adopted to Graham, WA Sept 2014. <3 


If you'd like to learn more, help, donate or share, support is greatly appreciated! Please check out:

HUGE Supply Drive Success for the Bodhi Clinic - Thailand!

I ran a supply drive at my 'Canine & Cocktails III' fundraiser at The Social Bar & Grill Downtown Tacoma & it was a HUGE success! Medical supplies & toys galore, premium food & treats, heartworm/flea medicine + flea bath drops & flea collars, medicated shampoos, over 4 dozen leashes, collars, facial cleaning wipes, grooming supplies, & even kitty toys were donated! Taking them to the rescue where there were close to 100 dogs, the Monks were so nice & accepting of our visit & supplies. The rescue was very grateful for all these goods which are hard to come across! I spared some flea treatment & food for the starving & hurting streets cats & dogs too. I must have fed a good 100 poor souls on the streets. Plenty to go around & lots of love to give to these sweet pups!

Tis the season to GIVE!!! Washington Federal Bank was also so gracious to open their doors in allowing me to provide a supply drive at their Puyallup location for the sweet pup's of Thailand! Lightweight toys, collars, handkerchiefs, & doggie toothbrushes/toothpaste's were donated! Dog supplies can be tough to come by in Thailand, as we learned on our Honeymoon when all we wanted were some toys & treats for 'our' girls, so I figured this would be the best way to get them some goodies! Here I was there to sign papers to build our home & came up on a great opportunity to share their harships with the dog loving office ladies! How can you not want to help when you hear about all that these sweet pup's have been through though!? Very thankful for their givings & helping us to raise awareness! 

Supply Drive for Independent Thai Street Dog Rescuers Soot & Tamara of Bangkok & Songkhla, Thailand!

4 of 5 adopters of mine were so generous to help out in filling my suitcase on my travels to Thailand to help two friends of mine that do absolutely phenomenal work in helping suffering dogs from the streets of Thailand. I was able to fly over 31 collars, 15 leashes, 4 harnesses, 18lbs of medicated shampoo, 5 pkgs of treats, dog kibble, a cone & a comfy bed to treat the street dogs to!


On my travels, I utilized the treats donated + kibble & meat that I purchased at a local market to share with some pups in desperate need of food. One of them looked like a skeleton & absolutely broke my heart, just too fearful with all the dogs around him to forage for food in fear that he'd be attacked. Thankfully he learned to trust in me after awhile & he ate up 2 skewers of fish balls - great protein fix! We encouraged other visitors to help feed too & it worked as we looked around noticing folks sharing their foods with others alike. Surely warmed our hearts <3 Last time I visited, I met a super elderly dog that was sleeping on the pavement all day every day, who had the hardest time getting up with his wobbly legs & all I wanted to do was find a dog bed for him or a pillow to lay on, but I had no luck.. Now I had a bed in tow to give to another pup in similar need. The reflective collars are absolutely wonderful for the street dogs that are often hit by mopeds. Now we can ensure a gang of them are seen since Soot & Tamara feed a regular bunch of local street pups that don't have homes & when they aren't collared, many are swooped & sold for their meat, so now they'll be claimed & hopefully remain untouched by evil. Mange is very prevalent there too, so the medicated shampoo will be very helpful! The leashes are fantastic as they're really difficult to come across & those are needed to leash the pups up to bring them in off of the streets - can be tricky to pick them up since all aren't willing to come, so these will greatly help!

Both my friends, Soot & Tamara, do incredible work in hitting the streets daily to care for ill & injured dogs, feeding & medicating + spaying/neutering as much as they can while adopting out these dogs that are so desperate for a home of their own... I have adopted out 3 of Tamara's dogs here! They don't have a registered charity, but they do persistent work in giving innocent & helpless street dogs hope, love & a chance at a better life. With supplies being very difficult to come by there, I am very grateful for those who helped in offering them items to put to use in rescuing & treating more dogs in great need. Thank you so so much <3 

Supply Drive for Help Street Dogs & Cats - Thailand

Supply Drive held during Yappy Hour at DOGWORXX Aug 17', benefiting 'Help Street Dog & Cats' of Thailand!! Those that chose to give, were incredibly generous!! Every donation I saw included a bag full of dog supplies! I can't tell you how far these goods will go in Thailand, especially since finding dog supplies is really difficult to come across since dogs aren't regarded the same as our spoiled fur kids are here. We've experienced the heartache swarming the streets ourselves on several visits & it's so heart wrenching to see so many suffering, so please know, every single item is deeply appreciated!! 🐶💓 We are sending 24 handkerchiefs & 17 collars (great for marking the street dogs to show they are being taken care of/claimed), 13 harnesses, 30 leashes, 4 split leads (good for learning to walk on leash with another fur pal), 100+ potty pads (for flight crates on their 20-30 hr journey to furever love), 5 stainless steel bowls, 1 crate bowl & 2 snack holders (clip to belt when feeding street pups), 11 packs of gourmet treats + 14 meal size kibble packs (easy street feeding portion sizes), a slow feeder (very food motivated dogs - will teach to slow them down some), 4 specialty shampoo's + 2 brushes for cleaning up, 20 poop bag dispensers + 20 rolls of waste bags (good to have handy for airport runs), 35 toys (can teach how to play since they don't have these), 1 flight crate (costly fee when adopting), 1 transport crate + $50 to put towards any supplements/medical supplies they need!!! THANK YOU all!! Alea, who I've worked with over the years in facilitating dozens of Thai pup adoptions here to the Sea-Tac area, will be taking these back to the rescue she runs with a group of her dog loving rescuing friends in Oct 17' & I know they will be super grateful for your support!! 💓💓 To learn more of what they do, which includes helping, feeding, treating & loving the street dogs & cats of Phuket, Thailand, please check out Help Street Dogs & Cats on Facebook or

Supply Drives for Smidget Rescue - Maple Valley

10/29/17.... We made our way out to the farm in Covington, WA! We loved being greeted by all these beautiful horses that came up to the fence line to say hi! 🐎🐎🐎 Yesterday we spent all day gathering goods for our incredible dog rescuing friend, Jamie Thomas, Owner of Smidget Rescue, who specializes in rescuing pups from So-Cal high-kill shelters who are on their death bed’s, who fly’s them up here & ...finds amazing furever homes for dogs under 25lbs, known as Smidget’s! 🐕💓 We’ve had the privilege of volunteering with her at past adoption events, finding foster homes & forever homes for her precious pups + doing several fundraisers for! Jamie works tirelessly around the clock transporting dogs around Pierce & King County, caring for dozens out of her home, allocating foster homes, putting on adoptions events on the weekends, etc etc etc, so we knew just who to go to with our stash of doggie goodies....

Over the past year, we've been collecting matching large wired crates at garage sales for her home, newspapers from neighbors to insert in the crates to utilize as potty pads (can ever have enough!) 📰 small dog bed's, apparel on sale like rain jackets, wool jackets, Holiday wear, & tshirts to dress up the Smidget’s for adoption events 🎀 while clearing out play equipment like pop-up tunnels for the Smidget’s to run through & play in, a kiddy pool that can be used for the mama pups and their babies to stay together in, furniture like a gazebo for the adoption events or shade in the Summer, fencing for pop-up pin’s on-site, a dog car seat that a handful can easily share during transport in her big truck, a good 3 dozen disposal bag holder’s - thank you Carmel & Squirt’s mama – made it into this drive 😊 & a ramp donated by Dottie’s parents which will be great for the teeny tinies to get up on furniture with... 🐕🐾☺

We look forward to linking up with Smidget Rescue soon to host an adoption event at DOGWORXX on the weekend! Now that it’s getting chilly, it’s time to move the Smidget’s indoors to keep cozy while they meet potential furever parents & foster parents! 💓

Considering adding a fluffy to your family this Holiday season? See the Smidget's available for adoption through the photo album's here: See More

Adoption Event & Supply Drive for Smidget Rescue Maple Valley

We hosted our first adoption event with local Smidget Rescue who rescues small sized dogs from the euthanasia list from Southern California high-kill shelters at DOGWORXX 🐕💓 After supporting the rescue over the years, we were ecstatic to finally be able to invite her precious gang out to our cozy dog house for the pups to freely roam, at DOGWORXX, with the opportunity to find furever love... 💓 The kids had a blast, frolicking around & playing with their fur pal's (vs being crated outside in the cold) while meeting potential family members & foster caregivers! A handful of adoption application's + a foster application was submitted with VERY interested parties, hundreds of dollars were donated, the supply drive was OVERFLOWING with dog goodies, the hoarded Pomeranian's that needed some extra gentle care in the grooming department were pampered by BasiXX Grooming & they all were held, played with & just felt SO much love! THANK YOU EVERYONE who participated to make their day so special - it meant sooo much to them & us all!!!!! <3 <3 

To meet Smidget's, check out the Facebook page to see upcoming Adoption Events that are held around the Sound each weekend!

Supply Drives for Old Dog Haven 

Thanks to our compassionate dog loving DOGWORXX family, we will be sending close to 200 supply items to those senior’s in need at Old Dog Haven this week!! 😍😍 Anything to help improve the comfort in their golden year’s 🐶💖

Donations Inc: 3 BIG bags of senior dog food, 30 small bagged batch variety of kibble, 20 cans of senior wet dog food, biscuits & chews, 2 dozen disposal potty bag rolls, a small travel crate w/ pad + small carrier, 4 dog bowls, 4 large dog beds (not featured), 18 leashes/collars/harnesses, 8 clothing items to doll them up & keep them warm, 2 dozen potty pads, 12 toys (most from Bark Box – nice quality!), & some adorable dog luvin signage for those foster homes that like them 😊 And... Several blankets & dog beds + massive plush stuffed animals were added later - we figured they could use them more than us at the shop! 

Old Dog Haven is a small nonprofit utilizing a large network of foster homes to provide loving, safe homes for abandoned senior dogs in Western WA. They take these 8+ yr old dogs into their homes & adopt out those with a reasonable life-expectancy. They care for the rest as members of the family in permanent foster homes - “Final Refuge” - for as long as they have good quality of life. In addition, they assist owners in finding new homes for their senior dogs through their website and referrals.

THANK YOU soooooo much to those of you who participated in this Supply Drive over the howliday’s to help! 🎄🎁 None of your donations went unnoticed! 🤩 I can’t tell you how nice it is to see our DOGWORXX family rally together to help those scoobies in need… 🐶💓 It means A LOT!! THANK YOU THANK YOU 💕💕

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