Birthday Goodies

Bday Bones: $3

Whoopie Pies w/ Candle: $3.75

Pawtron/Barkaritas: $5

Birthday Bocce Bags: $5.50

Musical Bday Cake: $10

Toys: $4.99-$15 

*Request for day of Birthday's & we'll have ready

to go for your pup on departure or will have a display ready

to share with furiends at daycare! 

Grab, Show & GO & we'll easily tack onto your res or req in your online res under the 'Retail' tab & we'll have items ready to go for pickup! 10% off Paw Loyalty Discount! 


Dog Food

Caru Stew 12.5 oz: $3

Honest Kitchen Dehydrated Complete Meals: $3.25

Meal Mixer Superblends: $15

Health, Wellness & Hygiene

Shampoo, Conditioners, Detangler: $11

Pet Remedy Spray: $10; Diffuser: $29.99

Bitter Apple Spray Deterrent: $11

Fresh Breath Water Drops: $6

Greenies Pill Pockets: On Sale $7.50 (Reg $11.50)