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"Our pups absolutely LOVE going to see Tiffany! We had tried several places in the past to leave our yorkies, but always felt horrible doing so because we knew they were not getting the love like they would at home. This has been a completely different experience for us and our dogs happily go right up to Tiffany (they know they are on vacation with her and will get absolutely spoiled). We love her picture updates, special dinners for the pups, indoor play area, and Tiffany herself (the definition of a dog lover). I would absolutely recommend this business to anyone!!!

Thanks for loving our pups!❤️. -Kim and Dan"

Owner of Lucky Paws Pet Salon - Federal Way!

"Peace of mind says it all for our experience with Tiffany's care of our Shiba Inu, Sasha. Tiffany takes the time to understand the breed, the dogs age, and the living situation of the dog and adapts around it for the best possible experience for both parents and pup. Everyone in our house, dog and human, loves Tiffany!"

"Tiffany is the best dog watcher ever! Her love for dogs is incredible and she is patient, energetic and I believe she speaks their language. Our dog spent one day with her and her other dogs and fell in love. When he sees Tiffany outside on his walks he gets so excited. She is definitely his new BFF!"

"Love Tiffany! My kids didn't get this great of care when we needed help watching them when they were little." 

"In the ten years I've had my Golden Retriever, I can count on one hand the people I will leave him with. But after meeting Tiffany last October, I had an instant feeling of trust about her. Last week both our boys (Golden Retriever and Rat Terrier) stayed with her for 5 days of doggy daycare while we were on vacation. I had my fingers crossed because our Rattie is a typical terrier, and can be a handful. Our Golden is a Momma's boy and doesn't like being "left". However, ...I could not be any more pleased with the care they received. My daughter did their drop off and pick up, and said the boys were clearly VERY happy to be there. In addition, Tiffany posted multiple pictures of them on Facebook and in every picture they had HUGE smiles on their faces. (I'm not kidding.) Seems to be the ultimate party house for dogs! We will be using Tiffany again soon for daycare. I have absolutely no hesitation at all. Thank you Tiffany!

Alec and Sarah Doughty
(Cuervo and Harley)"

Sammy was family to us.. Never have I loved a client SO hard. Here he is departing to his new home in Georgia.. Letting him go was the hardest thing I've ever had to do. Daily daycare for 2+ yrs + several staycations with us.. He was my big baby boy. I miss you so so much <3

"Tiffany is amazing. I know my Sammy is professionally and very well taken care of. Tiffany is a dog owner/lover herself. It's obvious to me her passion to care for her four legged clients is beyond just a business. I really appreciate the communication. Her notes and texts lets me know how things went that day. Her service is a great value, Tiffany provides me peace of mind when I am away from home."

RIP sweet Marlo girl... Nothing brought my husband more joy than me bringing the 'piggies' to his bedside to wake him up each morning I walked them.. You are truly missed <3 

"We are so happy we found Tiffany! She walks our two pugs and plays with them each day we work. We just moved to a new condo and Tiffany has helped our dogs adjust beautifully! The activity has been so good for them. They have lost 2 pounds each in the last month and their vet was so happy she gave me a high five! Tiffany takes the time to write us a summary of the day and it is so fun to read. She is a wonderfully caring and responsible person. I highly recommend Tiffany! She is absolutely fantastic! Julie Kramer (and Mia and Marlo!)"

"If we could rate higher than 5 stars we would! This was the first time leaving our 4 month old pup, and Tiffany blew us away with her level of service and care for our baby!! She was great with TONS of communication and updates on our dog's status multiple times a day, even pictures! Plus she has a great environment for dogs to play or relax or just be loved! We will absolutely be repeat customers for sure! THANKS TIFFANY for takings such wonderful care of our girl!"

"2nd time reviewer here! We first found Tiffany in 2013 to watch our new 4 month old golden retriever/lab puppy and were blown away by how amazing she was and the service she provided! Well, 2 years later, and another dog later (we added a Maltese to our family in Nov 2013), Tiffany is STILL our #1 choice to care for our pups and is STILL the most amazing dog sitter we have ever met! She has even stayed in our home for 4 days and cared for our dogs while we were on vacation, and we trust her like we would family or a close friend! But not only do we love her, our dogs ADORE her and her husband! You will not find more wonderful, caring, hard working people to give your dog the love and attention he/she needs while you are away. Not only does Tiffany provide a fun/safe environment for dogs to explore/play/relax, but she interacts so well with dogs and genuinely loves them like they are her own! Plus she goes above and beyond by sending lots of detailed updates about what your dog has been up to, as well as amazing pictures that look like they have been taken by a professional! Some of our favorite pics of our dogs are from Tiffany that we will always cherish! Add to that Tiffany's involvement in rescuing dogs all over the world, and her high energy and always happy/friendly attitude, and anyone can see that she truly is a phenomenal person that is beautiful inside and out. Bottom line, once Tiffany cares for your furry family member, you will never want anyone else to watch them for you again!"

"It was hard leaving my dog but it worked out well. Tiffany kept me updated with daily pictures. She spoiled my boy just like I would. I felt better knowing that he was being treated well and having fun. Will book again with her. Thank you :)"

"Honus stayed at the Dog House for 2 weeks while Jakki & I were on vacation. Tiffany was just so great with Honus!! We got updates and pictures which was perfect and made us not have to worry about how Honus was doing. This definitely was the perfect place for our dog to stay. We will absolutely have Honus come back here when we go to Mexico in December. Way to go Tiffany!! Honus is excited to come back! She got to see John at the carwash yesterday :-) "

Thai sister's we rescued on our Thailand Honeymoon in 2012 which allowed this business to begin.. They changed my world more than I could have ever of dreamt of... Love you girls <3 <3 

"ABSOLUTELY TREMENDOUS! My husband and I only have the best compliments about Tiffany's Doggie vaycay business as well as her personal unconditional love and care for all types of animals. She is excellent in every aspect! My husband and I recently adopted two wonderful pups from Thailand because of Tiffany. Tiffany and her husband fought to keep these two sisters together and place them in a loving forever home. She worked with the soi dog foundation and many caring individuals to make sure these sisters were safe and sound. Before we adopted these girls, tiffany and her husband took them into their home for 3 weeks. In those three weeks they had shown the girls trust, love, care, toys and yummy treats! Tiffany spoils her four legged guests and the pups experience will truly be a 'Doggie vaycay!' My husband and I, without a doubt, trust Tiffany and know that our pups will be in the best care and for a VERY reasonable price. I am sure our girls can't WAIT to see her and her hubby! Again, we cannot reiterate enough how great her care, patience and love for animals are. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED!!!"

"Oh my, what can I say about the family that took such great care of our lil dogger (daughter, lol) this was my first vaca that I didn't have a little sad pit in my stomach worried about are lil girl. I know she was happy as can be. I think she had just as great as a vaca as we did. Tiffany sent me pics and emails and even video's. I can't say enough about the care and love she received. I hope chula doesn't miss her rover family too much before her next vaca there. I'm booking her next stay this week. We are so thankful we found Tiffany H. family, I can now plan vacations without the guilt of leaving our Chula.

I can't even begin to say how happy we are that we found a perfect loving doggie care taker. Leaving our Chula is the worse. It hinders are vacation. But not anymore. Thanks to Tiffany and all the care and love she gives. We didn't have to worry about chula. Chula had a vacation of her own. Thanks to the pictures and messages and even video, we could enjoy are vacation knowing she was happy healthy and even sleeping in bed like she does at home. In fact I'm booking with Tiffany this week for our next vacation. So Glad I found Tiffany. I've already spread the word to my family with doggies . Vacation guilt free now that we know chula is happy while she has her own vacation.

Chula was so excited when we pulled up to Tiffany's home. She remembered her and couldn't wait to go have fun with her new pals toby&chloe. It was so nice to be able to go visit our out of town family for the long weekend knowing that chula would be safe and happy. I truly believe Chula enjoys this vacation away from us with her new friends. I don't have to feel bad one bit being away from her, she's having a great time. Thank you so much. She is fast asleep after all her fun times."

"We just returned from our vacation, Tiffany was so wonderful to come watch are dogger (dog daughter) and our two cats. We honestly would have stopped booking vacations if we hadn't found this wonderful caring responsible sitter. I hate to brag too much cause this is going to be so popular that she may be full. We actually came home to a cleaner home then we left. And our cats received more attention then when we aren't on vacation. You can not go wrong with Tiffany taking care of your fur babies. You can be away knowing they are loved and taken care of just as much as when your there. Can't wait to see Dash Point Dog House. Thank you for the last 3 years of loving and taking care of our girl. We were so lucky to find you. We wouldn't go on vacation and leave her without you. Thank you."

"Can't say enough about the love and care my fur baby receives in Tiffany's care. From the moment we did our first meet and greet we just knew our Chula would be in a loving home environment when we need to go out of town. We are so great full that we have such a wonderful place for our Chula to go for her own vacation at the beach with her best pals at DPDH. Tiffany also sends pics and updates daily which we really really appreciate because we miss Chula even when we are having our own fun on vacation. I couldn't have asked for a better place for our girl to be when she isn't able to go away with us. You won't be disappointed with this vacation spot for your dog. She barely says goodbye to us once we arrive. She is so darn happy and just wants to get inside for the fun to begin. They will absolutely love it."

Cora's dad offered his space of business for our first Canine & Cocktails fundraiser!

"We LOVE Tiffany & DPDH!! We were so worried having to leave our little one Cora for the first time in November. As soon we got to DPDH we quickly realized we had nothing to worry about! Tiffany showed us around, took her time to answer all of our questions and helped our puppy feel right at home immediately. During our trip she was sending us photos and updates daily. We loved that we could see Cora having fun while we were off having fun. Our dog loved being at DPDH so much, I think she was actually sad to have to come home. We also love how flexible Tiffany is with pick-ups and drop-offs. We left Cora with her again this past weekend and weren't able to pick her up until 11pm. Due to a delayed flight and lost luggage, we didn't arrive at DPDH until after midnight and Tiffany was still up playing with the pups. Plus it's really reasonably priced and the house is gorgeous and soooo clean! I've heard horror stories about boarders and pet sitters and I'm just so happy we found Tiffany! I recommend her to everyone and cannot say enough good things about our experience with this business. :) "

2x Smidget Rescue - Canine & Cocktails adopter!

"Over the years that I have know Tiffany, she has put forth countless hours and tremendous effort in facilitating adoptions, raising awareness, and taking care of rescue animals. She has such a passion for animals, ensuring that they are cared for and loved. So if you are looking for someone to temporarily care for your fur baby while you are away, you have found the perfect caregiver! She will go above and beyond to ensure your pet is happy, entertained, and well taken care of."

Adopter of Thai Bodhi baby, Novia! <3

"Wow! I went on vacation for a week hiking in Arizona. This was my first time to leave my 3 yr old Boston. Tiffany made me feel like my dog was having as much fun as I was. Every day she updated me with photos, play and sleep time. I will be so comfortable knowing my dog will be with Tiffany the next trip I go on. 😛"

"Tiffany is everything a pooch mama(or Dad) could hope to find as that special someone to trust your fuzzy family with. Her dedication to our four footed friends goes far beyond the exceptional day care and Boarding. She also works non-stop finding forever homes for rescued dogs, holds fund raisers for them, and on top of all that, she holds your hand through the entire process, regardless of timeing. My puppy flew up from Thailand, arriving Christmas Eve. Although she was hosting her first Christmas in the home she and her husband just built, with many guests....not to mention the furry ones she was boarding over the holidays, Tiffany still managed to meet me at the airport, and stayed until my new baby(and another adopters), were all settled, to make sure that all the details were seen to. Never once did she appear in the very least to be put out. She made the wait so enjoyable! Tiffany is not only this kind, generous soul, she is absolutelybeautiful, and totally charming. I can't begin to say enough about this wonderful woman. I feel blessed to have met her, and absolutely delighted to consider her a friend."

"Tiffany watched our high energy Great Dane for a week and was great with him even though he was nervous when being dropped off and didn't want to be social with the other dogs. She sent tons of pictures of him playing and having fun with other dogs and with her husband cuddled up with the big lug. I believe he had an awesome time there."

"We love having the piece of mind that someone could possibly love our dog just about as much as we do! And of course our pain of leaving our furry four legged family member is barely felt as we see updates of his adventure while we are gone. We call it doggy Disneyland at the Dash Point Dog house, where Tiffany and company are sure to bring excitement our Lab pup could possibly need. The service is top notch, Tiffany is every four legged buddies best friend, and we like her too! Thank you for all of the adventures, and snuggles. ❤️Lewis and Family"

"5 Star"

"We absolutely loved our entire experience with Dash Point Dog House and are SO happy to have found someone who we trust 100% to take care of our fur babies when we go out of town! Tiffany is so sweet and professional, and you can tell that she has a genuine love for animals, which is super comforting for those of us who may be a little over protective :) We left our golden in her care for about 2 weeks and she had so much fun! We know this because Tiffany posts daily pictures of all the pups. My husband and I were missing our girl, and it was SO nice to be able to go on Facebook at the end of each day and see awesome pictures of her!

Thank you Tiffany!"

"Tiffany came to our home to exercise our dogs while we were out of town. She did a great job with them and it showed in their huge smiles that she sent to us each day. Thanks so much for watching our babies while we were away! We can't thank you enough!!!"

Flight sponsors of adopted Thai pups through purchases w/ GIVE a Dog a Bone <3  

RIP Sweet Chewy boy...

"DPDH is the perfect dog haven! Tiffany is the ultimate dog mama and will take care of all pooches like her own. My cavaliers Chewy and Momi are pampered and receive top notch care when they staycation with Tiffany. She makes sure they are fed, cuddled, socialized and also tends to their medical needs. Momi can be a brat at times, but seems to be miss angel when hangin' with the pups at DPDH! Thanks Tiffany, for giving me that peace of mind that my pups will be well taken care of. We will see you soon! chewy and momi"

"My only concern is that my dog won't want to come home!! After the amazing treatment and care she is getting from Tiffany I wouldn't blame her. Very few people love your dog as much as you love them. I'm so thankful for this place!"

"I would not only leave my dogs with Tiffany, I'd trust her with my children if she watched kids, too! In fact, my daughter wanted to stay with Tiffany when she saw how much fun our dogs were having at the Dash Point Dog House. It's like nirvana for the canine set!


I have two dogs on different ends of the spectrum: an arthritic 10-year-old lab who needs 4 types of medication and extra help getting around; and a wild 7-month-old with boundless (sometimes destructive) energy. Tiffany takes care of both of my dogs with so much patience and enthusiasm. I know they are receiving excellent care, having a great time, and I love the photo updates of my babies that Tiffany always sends to me.


I can't recommend her highly enough! She's the best."

"I was very concerned about boarding our yellow. She's ten and had not ever been boarded. Tiffany has such a lovely facility and she is such a natural with people and dogs. Our worries were gone when we received an informative and reassuring email the first night we were away. After that we saw our girl on fb daily and knew she was happy and well cared for. Possibly having the time of her life! Thanks for being so wonderful."

"Tiffany and John were so good to Paddy Cake I am not sure if he really wanted to come home. She sends text messages with pictures that helped me. I knew he was very happy, even smiling while in their care. I really love that it is a home and he really felt at home. Am I the only one that wants to be able to show my dog pictures? I know he would enjoy his memories :) ♡♡ I have one tuckered out pup. Thank You guys so much!"

"Thank you SO much for keeping our Dash happy while we were on vacation. He was so tired after playing and running with his furry buddies during his stay that he slept almost all day when we got home. Good times!"

"Mabel is an old lady. Tiffany made sure she was well looked after. They even carried her as she can't do steps. We were very touched with such exceptional unconditional service. We look forward to our next stay and visited as we know our furry baby is in the best hands ! Thank you DPDH."

"5 Star"

"This was the first time leaving my dog with Tiffany and I couldn't have asked for a better experience. After having a meet and greet, I could tell that she had a passion for dogs and that I would have no need to worry while I was on vacation. She sent me pictures and updates every day so I knew how my dog was doing. I will definitely be using her again the next time I'm out of town!"

Canine & Cocktails supporter + transport & foster help w/ adopted Thai pups <3   

"Tiffany is amazing and our ladies of leisure love visiting. Tiffany sends frequent updates and pictures making sure no detail is missed. I never worry nor am I concerned when they are with her. Tiffany and her husband are true animal lovers. Your fur babies couldn't be in better hands."

"Tiffany is so incredible! She took amazing care of my Max and I will be bringing him back whenever I need pet care. Thank you so much. <3 "

"Tiffany is the definition of an animal lover. She has created many events and fundraisers to help save abused dogs. When my dog is with her I know he is being loved and taken care of unconditionally. She spoils her animals from buying them the best new toys or making organic home made treats. There is nobody I trust more to dog sit for me. Our animals are like our children and I for one want to make sure they are in the best hands possible. Thank you Tiff for being so amazing! I would not be able to go on vacation without you!"

"Tiffany is amazing! Animals are her passion. You never have to worry about your fur children because they are in such good hands."

"If looking for a home away from home for your pup, look no further! It’s always so hard to leave your ‘giant' fur baby for the very first time, and yet Tiffany put us at great ease knowing he will be loved & well taken care of during his stay from the minute we contacted her. We absolutely loved getting the daily updates and have no doubt Vincent had a blast during his stay. I think he may have had more separation anxiety leaving Dash Point Dog House after the 2 weeks than us having to leave him over the holidays... again, thank you for taking such great care of our Vincent!! :D "

"Tiffany does an absolutely amazing job with dogs! My puppies didn't want to leave after getting all that attention and play time with other dogs that Tiffany was sitting during their stay. I would definitely recommend her and will ALWAYS try to use her for dog sitting.

She provided me with pictures and updates every day/other day while I was away (even after knowing I wouldn't have access to email!), it was great reading all the updates when I returned. I love that she went out of her way to provide comfort with updates since this was one of the first times I left me dogs for a long period of time.

If there were more stars, I would give her more. She definitely deserves them! :) "

HUGE contributor of Thai pup Supply Drives & runs campaigns to search for local lost dogs with many successful reunions <3  

"Tiffany is the kindest person and does so much for animals in our area AND everywhere she goes- when she goes on vacation she takes supplies to street dogs and cats and volunteers at foreign rescues. I want to stay at her house, heck, my dogs can wait for me at home!"

Adopter of Thai pup, Jewel + Canine & Cocktails Sponsor & contributor to local Smidget Rescue Supply drives <3 

RIP Sweet Dempsey.. One of the most happy go lucky & loyal dogs around..

"Tiffany is AMAZING. She's the only person we trust with our two dogs. She is awesome with them. Plays and snuggles and walks every time she's with them. They love her visits and my husband and I know they're in good hands always. She sends excellent and detailed updates with photos. Her involvement with animal rescue is truly inspiring (and how we came to add our second dog to our family) she is an animal lover and protector in every sense. We trust her completely and admire her work as a professional and as a person."


"I can't say enough amazing things about Tiffany! The care our pups get with her is outstanding!! Leaving them for any amount of time is hard but seeing how much fun they have with her makes it so much easier!! She's the best."

"I highly recommend Tiffany's pet sitting services. She is thorough during initial communication and clearly has a passion for working with animals. She sent me pictures and updates throughout my pups stay. I have only kenneled my pup a couple of times, which I will never need to do again, thanks to Tiffany's excellent care. She was terrific!"

"Tiffany took such good care of our dog Trip! She sent us daily updates and pictures so we knew that he was having a good time :) She was extremely understanding when I was late picking him up and had everything ready to go! Overall, she is an awesome dog sitter and took such loving care of our dog!"

"Not only did Baxter have a good time during his week with Tiffany, we did too, knowing he was well cared for. The updates and photos were wonderful. Tiffany is terrific!"

"Tiffany's communication before and during our dog's stay was great. he came home happy and tired, not to mention far cleaner than when we have left him at a boarder. we'll definitely call her next time we leave town."

"What a wonderful vacation my puppies had! Tiffany took the best care of my Bishon and White Westie while we were in Mexico. They loved her water view and frequent daily walks. Tiffany sent me updates while we were gone and that gave us great peace of mind. Mine also got along well with her pups and enjoyed the socialization with the other condo dogs. Tiffany obviously loves dogs and truly mothers them. I think they were sad to leave Tiffany's home but all vacations have to end! I highly recommend Tiffany for pet sitting. She is very accommodating and answers messages quickly. We will definitely book with her again. She made the entire process very easy." 

RIP our sweet boy... Loved this little nugget so so much. Elvis was truly family & joined our extended family during many holidays, even traveling out of state with us. Chloe, my 'dogger' AKA Elvis's girl fur friend misses him tremendously... No pup has ever excited her so much as Elvis did which made me beam in happiness.. Love you & miss you... Gone too soon.. :'( <3 

"We are ecstatic. Well cared for. Updates galore on what's going on. He had lots of others to play with. 5 Stars!!"

"Simply the best! Tiffany takes such wonderful care of our little dog, Elvis. He just loves her! She sends frequent updates, including pictures, of how he is doing. He always looks very happy in his photos. He gets plenty of exercise and love. In fact, I was a little afraid he would not want to come home! Tiffany is absolutely the best dog sitter we have ever used. We will always use her in the future."

Adopters of Nala from Bellingham that we were a strong reference for + Canine & Cocktails Supporters <3 

"We were able to have Tiffany watch our 4 pups while my family was on vacation. Prior to our trip, Tiffany sent us a form to fill out that allowed us to give her all the details regarding each of our dogs. This helped us remember all the little things we do on a daily basis to care for the girls. Tiffany stayed at our home with all the pups while we were away. She sent each of us lots of pictures and a detailed update on a daily basis. It's always so hard to leave your furbabies for vacation, so receiving those updates was very much appreciated! She took excellent care of them by feeding them well, taking each of them for numerous walks and spending lots of quality time with the girls. When we returned home, the house was immaculate, all the pups were happy and life easily resumed back to normal. Nala, our rescue border collie, was especially happy. It seemed like she was really coming out of her shell finally! Tiffany spent a lot of quality time with her and it really showed when we came home! It's really hard to trust anyone with your pups while you're away, but I would highly recommend Tiffany to anyone in the future. The daily updates and her genuine love for dogs makes it easy to trust her with the furbabies. She is very patient and has an outstanding work ethic!"

"Tiffany is an incredibly kind, caring, and knowledgeable dog lover. She has years of experience and puts lots of her time and effort towards helping non-profits around the world doing amazing things for dogs in need! She is passionate about rescue and adoption and is very trusted as a popular sitter and dog walker within her community. I would trust my dog, Tucker, with her any time and I highly recommend her :)"

RIP sweet Quincy boy... :'(

"Tiffany is phenomenal! She absolutely goes above and beyond what any pet parent would hope for in a reliable sitter. She took my pup, Quincy, in and loved him, cuddle him, and spoiled him as if he were one of her very own. Not only did Quincy get multiple walks per day, he also got his own toys, special treats, and even a place to sleep in her bed! Tiffany is also great at sending updates about your pet's stay to put your mind at ease. Quincy and I honestly could not recommend anyone better for your furry loved one!!"

"5 Star"

"5 Star"

"So convenient and our boy loves it here! Never a problem!"

RIP Zeusy... Our ultimate DOGWORXX fur fam gone much too soon. The number of tears we've cried for you... I miss you so much Zeusers :'(

"Wow! If there ever was a dog person, Tiffany is it! Clementine just loves going to daycare. The space itself is beautiful, with lot's of room to run around, and lot's of sleeping room as well. Clementine just got home and is exhausted from all the play!"

"The owner is amazing with the dogs. My dog loves to go there. He gets to run around and wear off some of his energy. The grass is great. Highly recommend taking your dog to Dogworxx."

RIP my sweet Tay-bug.. Raising you was a joy. Happiest dog I've ever met. I love you to the moon & back furever & always <3 

Took our five month old, very high energy cattle dog to DogWorxx today as a drop in while enjoying some downtown community events. Nice people, nice dogs, clean facility and I loved getting social media updates showing that she was having a good time. This place is top-notch pet care, and like a social club and day spa for your pet! She is looking forward to going back, and even tried to get in the door of a neighboring business to go play (sorry law office!)

"Excellent service and very charming pet sitter! So glad I found her business. Tiffany took care of my Lexie for the day this past Saturday, and sent me updates/photos to alleviate my anxiety for my baby :) And based on the texts/photos I've received from Tiffany, looks like Lexie really-really-really enjoyed staying at her place!! Totally excited that I found a very trust-worthy, friendly, and super nice pet sitter for my Lexie! Thank you Tiffany! Lexie misses you already and wants to go back there soon ^_^."


"Another fantastic stay at Tiffany's place for Lexie! Thank You Tiffany :)"

Canine & Cocktails regular & sponsor!

"Dash Point Dog House, LLC is an absolutely amazing place for your dog. Tiffany Hill is very passionate about dogs and has created an incredibly comfortable and affordable home away from home for them. My Rosie, a high energy, 3.5 year old chocolate Labrador, just spent 10 days with Tiffany and family. She was treated like a queen. She received an abundance of love and affection from friends and family, safe and supervised play time with other dogs, and nutritious treats and meals. Rosie was treated like family and I could not ask for more. If you want total peace of mind when you leave you dog this is the place. I won't board Rosie anywhere else as long as Tiffany is available. Truly exceptional!"

RIP RaRa... I'll miss all your goofiness & spunk which I really understood under all that 'grump' attitude.. Love & will miss you sweet girl.. 

"Tiffany is AMAZING!! She was really accommodating with my last minute needs... Her house is incredible and set up specifically for the dogs! My dog has a fantastic time there and always come home tired, happy and is always excited to go back! She's the only sitter I ever want to use."

"Tiffany was perfect. She took our puppy into her home and treated him like family. He had playmates, fun walks and just an overall great time. Thank you Tiffany!"

"Tiffany was very communicative and genuinely loves dogs. She gave Bruce tons of love, which I know he appreciated."

"I know Tiffany would be the most loving and caring Dog sitter around. Shes passionate, caring and honest. Look no further!!!"

"If you ever need someone to watch your dog Tiffany Hill is the lady to call! Tiffany absolutely loves dogs and your dog would have the best care! Tiffany met me at the airport one night to help me get my new dog I just rescued and adopted from Thailand. She has done this numerous times and it was my first time adopting from overseas. Tiffany had everything under control and knew what to do. I also attended a fundraiser event she worked so hard to put together to raise money and awareness for Soi Dog Foundation. Tiffany is awesome! I trust her completely with my dogs."

Adopter of Bangkok rescue

pup, Lady! 

"Tiffany did an excellent job watching my dog. I received emails and texts with photos while I was out of town so I knew how he was doing which was so nice and put my mind at ease. My little dog was well taken care of and had a great time."

Thai street dog rescuer, dog trainer, caretaker & adoptions facilitator! We've worked together in adopting dozens of pups from Thailand to the Tacoma area together for years, ensuring perfect matches! 

"We run a Dog Rescue + Rehabilitation Shelter in Phuket, Thailand and sometimes struggle to find "high quality" adopters to give our dogs the loving forever homes they need after years of misery + ill-health living on the streets of Thailand. Well, Tiffany has been a God-send for us, our dogs and our Rescue Centre...! To date 10 dogs in a row and counting, all adopted to the best new loving families + homes that we could ever have possibly dreamed of for our dogs in the US + Canada and all thanks to Tiffany and her tireless hard work, patience and positivity in finding the perfect new adopters. She has spent untold hours successfully setting up and running fundraisers specifically to help the street dogs of Thailand and then sent us endless flows of $cash donations which have been used for medical supplies, micro-chipping, help with costs towards flights, spaying + neutering etc and have facilitated our dogs getting into their new forever homes all around the world at significantly reduced cost. We also know her to be the best dog-sitter, dog-walker + foster parent that any dog or dog-owner could possibly wish to find and entrust to look after + take care of their precious 4-legged friends. Thanks for everything you have done to help us and our dogs, Tiffany..! We are all so grateful to you and the dogs all send you huge licks of love, happiness + joy..! :-) "

"I almost didn't want to write this review because I want to keep Tiffany's business all for myself! But she's seriously so great I think that doggies who need a break should vacation with her :) My picky old 14 year old yorkie responded so well with Tiffany and her doggies during our meet-n-greet I knew almost instantly that she would be great for him. She responded promptly to all my questions and I had no hesitations of choosing her. I have never (in my 14 yrs with my JayJay) left my dog with anyone but family for short durations. He's never even walked with anyone but me. But when I dropped JayJay off to go with Tiffany, my little guy walked off with her like he'd know her forever! My dog is used to going in and out of little doggie door whenever he wants and Tiffany was able to accommodate my JayJay by taking him on frequent walks. He was also fed homemade food like sweet potato mash and turkey! Tiffany was so great sending me photo updates of JayJay hanging out with her and her pups. I know he loves to just people watch and she sent me the cutest photos of him watching boats and people go by her condo's window. I seriously couldn't have asked for a better sitter. I have already recommended her to all my other dog mommy friends! If she didn't live an hour away from me I would have her watch my JayJay for doggie day care! Tiffany did such a great job and made me feel at peace while I was away :) "

Adopter of Thai street puppy, Coco! 

"I love the work she does with adoptions and dog care. I adopted a dog from Thailand and she was instrumental helping me in the process, meeting at the airport, etc. We love our new puppy Coco bean, we're so happy and she is everything and more of the dog they described. I highly recommend her for adopting a dog and will definitely book my dogs with her when we go on vacation next summer."

Adopter of Smidget Rescue 'foster' pup, Kirby!

"We have 6 dogs and there are 3 people we would trust to take care of them and love them like we do. Tiffany is one of those 3. Tiffany is not just your typical animal lover. She goes above and beyond to help rescue dogs who were destined for the meat trade overseas and to help find homes for dogs at local rescues. We have our 6th dog because of her! If you're going on vacation or out of town and want zero worries about your furry family members, leave them in Tiffany's hands. You'll be glad you did!"

2x Thai pup adopter + regular Canine & Cocktails supporter! Now, full time Thai pup foster parents who adopt out their fosters! <3 

"I met Tiffany at canine & cocktails last year and was very attracted to her love for dogs, not only hers but all dogs here and abroad. This year she became quite an inspiration to me and she was a great help in adopting the latest puppy into my life. Faith is a street dog from Phuket, Thailand. There was quite a lot involved with a foreign adoption and without Tiffany I'm not sure that it would have happened."

"I have known Tiffany for sixteen years now and she is the hardest working person I know. She attacks everything with a bright and helpful personality, giving everything she has to enrich the lives of others. Taking care of animals has always been her passion, which is why she enjoys spending time with all different kinds. She treats her animals better than most people treat their children. She is a respectful and responsible person that is why I have no problem trusting her with the things most important to me. It is qualities like these that makes me proud to say that Tiffany is one of my best friends!"

Bodhi Shelter - Thailand dog trainer, caretaker & adoptions facilitator! We've worked together in adopting dozens of Thai street pups overseas to the Tacoma area together over the years! 

"Tiffany is without a doubt the most caring, considerate, patient and responsible caregiver you could ever choose to babysit your furbaby!! I have had the pleasure of getting to know Tiffany through her constant support she has given us towards helping the dogs at our rescue here in Thailand. She has put in hundreds... maybe thousands of man hours- unpaid- in order to raise funds and awareness for these less fortunate dogs. Without Tiffany, we wouldn't have been able to find these perfect adopters for our dogs. She has been so responsive to our constant messages online and has always been trying to find the best solutions for us. We also had the pleasure of meeting Tiffany during her trip to Thailand.. she took most of her vacation time out to visit the local dog shelters and meet the doggies she had gotten to know over social media. Our most fearful dog, Jackpot, instantly fell in love with Tiffany and her husband. He usually takes a while to warm up to strangers, but not this time! It was as if he could sense what kind & gentle people they are. Tiffany is truly a natural with dogs. I have literally been blown away by how much love Tiffany pours into the dogs. She literally lives and breathes dog!! I would trust her with any of my pooches, any day. So much love for this wonderful lady <3!"

Kathy posts our adoptables on Petfinder & is a generous Canine & Cocktails supporter & sponsor! We are so thankful for all her support! We couldn't have so many happy new beginnings without her!

"Tiffany Hill is a HUGE dog lover and dogs love her. She would do anything to help a dog in need. Tiffany has taken it upon herself to help the really disadvantage dogs in Thailand working with a group there to get the poor dogs out of the meat trade. She has put together a huge and successful annual fund raiser, Canine & Cocktails all on her own to raise money to help these dogs. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her for dog sitting and dog walking, knowing the dogs are in good hands with her. It's not just a business, it is her passion."

"I was very comfortable leaving my pup with Tiffany. I think she had a great time and can't wait to go back and play all day. Tiffany sent me me updates including pics and funny stories. It was so nice to hear how the little pack of pooches were getting along. Tiffany went above and beyond - my little one is a picky eater and she even took the time to hand feed her. You can't get care like that boarding your dog with 45 others."

"Tiffany was awesome, kept me up to date on how my Sunshine was doing with pictures and text. Took her on morning runs and evening walks, played with her and kept her entertained! It put me at ease to know that she was having such a great time! I will definitely call on Tiffany again!!! :)" 

"With the updates and photos , I was really happy I chose Tiffany to take care of my dog. I would highly recommend her as a host and will have my dog definitely stay with her again!!!"


"As usual Tiffany was an outstanding host and would definitely have my dog stay again!"

"There are not enough words to express how glad we are to have found Tiffany. A family member suggested an online sitting site when we were going out of town, but were unsure of who we trusted to watch our dog, Bean. I was hesitant about leaving her with a stranger, but saw Tiffany's profile and thought it was worth a try. From her first email I had a good feeling about her which was completely confirmed by our meet and greet. Tiffany is a genuinely sweet, dog loving professional who you can't help, but feel at ease with. She sent us awesome updates with pictures so we could see Bean was having fun with her new friends. While we were out of town Bean got to be at what I will describe as doggy day camp/bed and breakfast. Thank you, Tiffany and family, for welcoming Bean into your home and being such wonderful hosts. We would highly recommend you to care for anyone's furry friends."

"Our experience with Tiffany and her service was top-notch from the very first email communication to the time we picked up our 4-month old puppy from her home. She's was quick to respond, flexible with her time, and happy to show us around her place and introduce us to her family. She's exceedingly caring, knowledgable, and meticulous when it comes to taking care of every detail related to dog/puppy care. She sent us texts and pictures of our puppy throughout his stay with her. Her two dogs are well behaved and seemed to be great role-models for our puppy. We felt very comfortable leaving Mambo with Tiffany for the day, and are so happy we found her. We will most definitely be going back to her."

"I have recently been blessed with the opportunity to meet Tiffany Hill at her event "Canines & Cocktails" fundraiser for her Thailand dog rescue mission! Tiffany is in this 100% for the animals! She is selfless and you will see and feel that the second you meet her. Tiffany is a beautiful person inside and out! You and your pet will benefit from your experience with her. I know I have!"

Flight sponsor of our Honeymoon rescue pups & HUGE dog meat trade survivor advocate & adopter! <3

"Tiffany Hill is one of the most dedicated animal lovers I have ever had the pleasure to know. She fundraises for local, national, and global dog rescue organizations, works on rehoming dogs on the verge of euthanasia and those that are neglected, increases dog rescue awareness and has been a vet assistant volunteer for four years. I met Tiffany when she needed help rescuing two abandoned dogs in Thailand, she was on her honeymoon but she ensured the dogs were safe and managed to raise funds to get them to an adopter who volunteered to take them the USA. Unfortunately the adopter let her down badly and abandoned the dogs and Tiffany was there again to track them down and rescue them for a second time. She is a massive animal lover and I wouldn't hesitate to leave my four dogs with her as I know they will be looked after kindly and responsibly."

Canine & Cocktails volunteer <3 

"Just wanted to drop in and let you all know little about Tiffany! I have know Tiffany for four years now, I can honestly say she is one of the nicest, warm hearted, people I have met. Tiff as I call her,  truly loves life and people but I must say she loves animals just a bit more!! the love and genuine care she has for all animals is inspirational, I was very honored to be apart of a wonderful benefit she put together to raise funds for Soi Dog and Give a Dog a Bone. Hours and hours she devoted literally blood sweat and tears into this made me see how much dogs cats and all animals really mean to her. Tiffany is very much the little baker always making yummy treats for people and dogs. She loves to spoil us and all her canine guests, but don't worry Tiffany is very healthy and its all organic. So if your pup needs a sitter I couldn't think of anyone better!!"

Canine & Cocktails sponsor & supporter <3 Kristin is BIG into dog rescue, running large fundraisers annually in Hawaii & fosters regularly <3


RIP Sweet Mochi girl...  

"Tiffany is truly a dog-angel. I have NEVER felt comfortable leaving my baby with anyone before. I met Tiffany through a mutual friend and chatted with her online prior to meeting with her in person. She was prompt in replying to my questions and I could tell that she is a genuine, caring dog lover. She made me feel totally comfortable and she provided every service for my pup that I would have done myself. My favorite part is that she sends photos and updates throughout the stay and that was a HUGE benefit for calming any nerves I had. My dog Kaia loved her, I could tell from the photos. Tiffany and her husband treat the dogs like their own and I could tell Kaia had a lot of fun with her new playmates. Kaia likes to sleep in the bed and I loved that Tiffany was completely fine with that. I want my dog treated exactly like I would, as a member of the family, which Tiffany provided. I cannot say enough positive things about Tiffany. As long as we live in Washington, we would never think about using anyone else. "When my husband picked up Kaia, he felt like she was going to miss the fun at Tiffany's house! Thank you for calming my nerves and giving Kaia an awesome vay-cay at your place!"

"Tiffany is amazing at what she does! She takes the time to learn each dogs personality and goes above and beyond to make sure your dog is happy while in her care. My dog "Hank" loves her so much. That is apparent because when he sees Tiffany for a "visit" he runs up to her like a long lost best friend which he does with no one else except his family. I will continue to use Tiffany FOREVER!"

"All I can say is WOW!! Tiffany took care of our dog as if he was her very own pet. We got daily email updates with pics of all his activities while we were gone. She even let Spartacus sleep on her bed (even with his puggy snoring). You couldn't hope to leave your dog in better hands. Thank you Tiffany for the amazing TLC."

HUGE Canine & Cocktails supporter, Thai dog flight sponsor, & BIG contributor of Thai pup supply drives <3 Now, a phenomenal DOGWORXX Pack Leader & our go-to overnight sitter!!

RIP Sweet Bailey-Boo... Like my dogger.. She was truly one of the most special dogs I've ever met. Love & miss you furever & always.. <3 

"Tiffany is amazing. She is sweet, gentle and loving and Bailey is a very happy girl when Tiffany visits. I totally trust her with Bailey and if I need to reschedule a day she is very flexible and will give me 3 or more weeks notice if she will not be in town on a certain day. She is an obvious animal lover and will send me texts and pictures on what Bailey is doing. Trusting someone to come into my home to take care of my dog is not a light decision. I'm thrilled to have met Tiffany and would recommend her services to anyone who wants their pet loved and taken care of."

RIP big boy.. <3

"We have two dogs, one quite large and the other tiny. One of our dogs is also a rescue that is fairly new to our family and has a history of abuse. I was really worried about leaving the dogs for a trip we needed to do. I found Tiffany a few weeks before our trip and did a Meet & Greet with her at that time. I felt very good about her attention to detail and caring attitude with our dogs. When it was time for our trip Tiffany had all our information from a detailed intake evaluation she had us fill out and our dogs were familiar with her and her home. The stay was exceptional in every way. TIffany sent texts and photos daily of the dogs and responded quickly to any questions I might have. The dogs did beautifully during their stay and they were tired and happy when we returned. I would not hesitate to use Tiffany's exceptional services in the future when travel requires us to leave our duo behind."

Exceptional 2mo long foster parents of the sister pups, Bella & Surin, that we rescued on our Honeymoon <3

"I know Tiffany from when she rescued two dogs in Thailand, we were the foster parents before they flew over to the US. Tiffany's efforts to enable the dogs to fly over were sterling. She put in hours and hours of time and effort, and sold her own belongings to make sure the dogs had a loving home in America. She was great to deal with and is still sending emails, messages and photos to us with news of the two pups, months after they left us. Not only great with dogs but with people too! I would 100% trust her with my dog and would be grateful to have someone with such a massive heart to look after him."

"Tiffany went above and beyond on every aspect. I just couldn't be happier with the experience! I Want to give a glowing response because of just how incredibly great everything went! The dogs are so happy and I couldn't be more thankful. I already have recommended to friends and family and will continue to do so for years to come because she is so consistent."

Big Canine & Cocktails regular & supporter :) 

"Tiffany, you are an amazingly dedicated dog watcher! The homemade treats... I don't think mine will want milkbones again. I think they are as excited to see you as they are me. Thank you for taking them spur of the moment for us! Hugs from Taylor!" 

Regular sponsor of Canine & Cocktails: I, 11, 111 & IV!

RIP sweet Maggie girl.. I'll miss your sweet greetings & snorts from my regular visits with your mama... :'( 

"I have known Tiffany for only a brief time. She was sent to me for my business and during her appointment (which was only two hours) it became very apparent where her heart is. She began to tell me her story about two dogs from Thailand that basically took over her honeymoon and are now here in the states, happy and healthy, all because of Tiff. Her and I have kept in touch and she recently helped me re-home one of my pugs that just wasn't a good fit for me. I rest easy knowing he is in a good home, because of someone Tiffany was able to send my way. I enjoy getting to see her posts on Facebook about all the fun she has daily with her daycare dogs. If i ever need someone to watch my Maggie, I know just where to take her, although it would probably be more fun than Maggie can handle! I personally look forward to my contact with her in the future and wish I had the patience, time and devotion to saving and caring for all the dogs that she does. Your critter will be very spoiled at Tiffany's house!"

BIG Canine & Cocktails regular, sponsor, Thai pup foster, adoptions transport, supply drive donater!

"You should feel very fortunate to have to have Tiffany walk and care for your pet. Tiffany is a true professional, with a loving heart. She is extremely reliable and will go above and beyond in caring for your pet."

Canine & Cocktails supporter <3  

"I have known Tiffany for many years. Her love and dedication to all animals is truly amazing. She is trustworthy and very dependable. Tiffany has always loved my animals as if they were her own. She is simply the BEST!!!"

"Thank you Tiff!! You're a paws on doggie pal! From the daily walks, outings to the park, tender loving care & the love you share. From the doggie stay overs & play dates you love them as they're your own babies. Your services are wonderful!"

"First of all, Tiffany is a life saver. I can't explain the support she gives to me with my French Bulldog, Bubba. I work all day and usually don't have a chance to get home to let him out, so Tiffany has been able to help by taking him on daily walks. She also sends updates once she's taken him out, which I love hearing about his behavior and fun stories of what he did while he was with her. The tremendous amount of ease I feel when I know he's being loved and not left alone is well worth anything I could ask for. She is extremely well planned and very easy to work with. I appreciate everything she does for Bubba and myself!"

"Tiffany has been walking my chocolate lab, Duke, on the weekdays since I was introduced to her. She is absolutely wonderful and I am thankful to have found her and know that Duke is in great hands. Her love for dogs is infectious and she's very responsive. I will often text her to see if she can walk Duke at a later time & feed him due to having to work. She goes above and beyond and I thoroughly recommend her."

"Tiffany is someone I would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a dedicated and sweet pet sitter. I treat my dogs like family and she does the same thing! Homemade treats, fun dog toys and bones, and endless walks were things she did with my dog on a daily basis while she stayed with Tiffany. You can tell she is an animal lover and cares deeply about the dogs staying in her care. Will definitely use Tiffany again to watch my dog and couldn't be happier with her recent stay with Tiffany!"

"Tiffany is by far hands down the best dog sitter around. Our puppy Molly was invited to leave for her vacation a few days before we left for ours. Tiffany took Molly to Seaside for a stay at the beach, I don't think I have ever seen my boxer pup so happy before. She got to run miles down the beach I know she was just loving it. I received texts/pictures all week, I didn't worry once about my girl I KNEW she was in great hands. Molly not only was loved by Tiffany but all of Tiffany's in laws that were also staying at Seaside. Molly was SO spoiled from homemade treats to a special trip to Petsmart :) I will always and forever use Tiffany as our dog sitter. She is just wonderful!"

"Tiffany's home was truely a vacation for my dog. My husband and I recently went on 2 1/2 week vacation, as excited as we were to be traveling international, something was not sitting well with us about leaving our dog at another boarding facility. We have a 14 year old female Cocker Spaniel "Lexus" who has a very finicky personality and an appetite to match. She doesn't do well at all in kennel cages and likes to limit her interactions with other dogs. There inlaid the challenge finding a place to cater to her. We found Paws to Play just by chance through internet browsing; But what caught our attention was one particular picture that shows Tiffany sitting on her couch and the dogs lounging around her "freely". At that moment we had to schedule a meet and greet. Tiffany's enthusiasm and hospitality was well received; you can tell she genuinely loves dogs. She showed us every inch of the living space for the dogs and everything was meticulously neat, clean and smelled fresh which was very impressive being that six dogs just left about an hour ago. Everywhere you looked it was "dog lounging friendly". Dogs beds and shag rugs galore; no need to bring any of that. My pooch and her two little pooches bonded instantly. While we were on vacation, Tiffany kept us informed almost daily through email and pictures; Letting us know Lexus' daily activities, how she played and interacted with the other dogs, what she she felt good to know hear and see how well our dog was doing; it made our vacation more relaxing knowing that she was having fun and being well taken care of. Warm meals and homemade snacks, and daily walks, she was on vacation too. Thanks again Tiffany!!! We'll be seeing again soon."

Sponsor of Thai dog Mac's flight fundraiser to get her to forever love in Canada after being trapped in a cage for 6yrs <3 

"Little Morton has been going to the DPDH since he was 8 weeks old. Momma Tiffany is the best!!! He always comes home happy and exhausted and can't wait for another play date at the DPDH. Can't wait for DOGWORXX to open in Tacoma - Morty will be there- bring all the Labradors by for PLAYTIME"

"We absolutely loved our entire experience with Dash Point Dog House and are SO happy to have found someone who we trust 100% to take care of our fur babies when we go out of town! Tiffany is so sweet and professional, and you can tell that she has a genuine love for animals, which is super comforting for those of us who may be a little over protective :) We left our golden in her care for about 2 weeks and she had so much fun! We know this because Tiffany posts daily pictures of all the pups. My husband and I were missing our girl, and it was SO nice to be able to go on Facebook at the end of each day and see awesome pictures of her! Thank you Tiffany!"

"Tiffany is lovely and she is passionate about caring for our dogs! This is the place! Love it and so thrilled!"

"Lily had her first day here today and she absolutely LOVED it! The owners, employees, and volunteers are all extremely passionate about the dogs. It's a great environment, with plenty of activity to keep them having fun, engaged, and entertained! I highly recommend!!!!

"Our pup is very picky about daycare, and so are we. She does not like for us to leave her places. Tiffany is so sweet and so great! She made us feel extremely comfortable with leaving our girl for the day and Shelby warmed up to her and the environment very quickly. We love all the love and attention all of the dogs get from Tiffany and all the visitors that stop in. Personal attention and love was something lacking from the last daycare we used and any others we've considered. That is definitely not the case at DogWorxx!! We also love the photo updates through out the day! Makes us feel much more comfortable about leaving our baby somewhere other than at home. We know she's in good hands with Tiffany and are looking forward to our next visit!"

"I absolutely love Dogworxx. The only place to go for doggy daycare.

Clean, organized, attentive all day.

These are the most kind and caring people in the dog business. They really mean it when they say "xxtra, gentle, loving care."

"I can't say enough about Tiffany - she is absolutely wonderful! She took care of our "baby" just like he was her own, and sent frequent updates and photos of Bennett while we were away. Her prices are very reasonable and the level of care she provides to her furry guests is unparalleled. We live close so she even dropped our dog off at home so he was waiting for us when we got home. Two huge thumbs up!!"

Owner of GIVE a Dog a Bone who makes the sports collars & bow ties we sell to raise funds for Thai dog meat trade survivors <3 Flight sponsor of our Honeymoon rescue girls too <3 

"If you are like me your pets are your children and you don't want to entrust their care to just anyone. Tiffany is a true animal lover. I met her through a mutual friend when she was rescuing two dogs while on her honeymoon in Thailand. Since then, we have become friends and she has helped me with more rescues. She has two adorable "children" of her own that she spoils rotten. It was only natural for her to get into the petsitting business! She treats her guests like they are her own and each one gets the love and attention you would want. It's hard enough to leave our babies home while we are at work or traveling, let alone having to worry about who is taking care of them. Give Tiffany a call and you won't regret it. As soon as you meet her you are sure to fall in love with her."

"Tiffany is a true pet and animal lover. She is hardworking and extremely trust worthy. Tiffany has watched my puppy before and I know at times my puppy can be a little too much, but for Tiffany, it's just another walk in the park. I will choose Tiffany to watch my puppy everytime."

"Tiffany is an amazing person and true dog lover. Once under her caring and responsible supervision, Rufus was treated to lots of walks, hugs and even homemade dog treats! She and her husband provide a happy environment for dogs of all sizes, ages, and personalities in their clean safe home. Any dog would be lucky to have a stay with Tiffany -- they will want to come back again. I recommend Tiffany without reservation!"

RIP sweet Rufy boy... <3

"I can't say enough great things about Tiffany! To start with, we were headed to her home on a friday afternoon and go stuck in some major traffic. Tiffany was kind enough to come meet us so we wouldn't be late to the airport! She was so kind to take time out of her day to drive and pick up Mack! Second of all, my dog took to her immediately! He is usually very shy, but he loved Tiffany straight away. She kept us in the loop for the entire week we were gone, which I REALLY appreciated. Finally, she was priced very reasonably and when Mr. Mack came home he slept for two days straight! He was so tuckered out from all of the play and running he did while on vacation with Tiffany and her pack. Tiffany, thank you so much for being so great!"

"We have never used a pet sitter before and when we entrusted our 14 year old cat - Squeaker - to Tiffany we were a bit apprehensive since Squeaker is a sky little girl. We were just amazed at how quickly Squeaker warmed to Tiffany. The daily pictures and e-mails were just so comforting to us. The fact that Tiffany required detailed information before taking on the job was reassuring. She had all the names and numbers needed in an emergency. Her energy and caring is so evident in her interaction with the pet. She is a real find and we will definitely use her services again. Thanks Tiffany."

"Tiffany walked my handful of a German Shepherd, Sofie, for several weeks, and was awesome! She's very communicative- texting me updates of her walks with Sofie, complete with reports of how/what Sofie did, and sometimes even with a cute photo of Sofie. And she's extremely reliable, dependable, and dedicated to the dogs under her care. I'd recommend her as my first choice to anyone."

"I am SO appreciative of Tiffany walking my dog. From the moment I got in contact with her from a friend who HIGHLY recommended her, she immediately responded and was quickly engaged. Even though Tiffany takes care of many dogs (I don't know how she does it), she makes you feel like your dog is the only one she takes care of. Being that my work schedule is chaotic and usually requires long working days, what's great about Tiffany is that she's very flexible. She seemed to get along with my puppy from the start and also socialized him with other dogs in the area, which is important for his growth and maturity. She also sends you updates on what she did with your dog and sends pictures everyday. It seems that she changes up the area that she walks the dogs so the dogs don't get bored with the daily walks. I can't begin to tell you how appreciative I am of her. I know my lil pup is as happy as he is because of her."

My boxxer Summer loves all her friends at Dogworxx and is always soooo happy and relaxxed after a fun day of play and relaxxation!

Tiffany, the owner of Dogworxx is the best! She LOVE'S all the dogs as if they were all her own! She has made Dogworxx truly a one of a kind doggie daycare. Dogworxx is clean and well kept up. The fauxx grass has an amazing irrigation system that is kept immaculately clean.

She also offer a dog grooming service and has partnered with an amazing dog trainer who specializes in positive reinforcement training with Karen who owns Matters of the Canine Kind. Your dog can have on site training and/or make a separate appointment for a personal training session.

I strongly recommend Dogworxx doggie daycare for all dogs.

"5 Star"

"I left my little dog Shelby for 10 days in Tiffany's care during an overseas vacation. Tiffany sent me photos everyday of Shelby having fun. I would not hesitate to leave Shelby in Tiffany's care again."  

"Words cannot do justice for Tiffany's care and compassion for animals. My dog Huey would practically jump out the of the car window when approaching her building! I have become the proverbial "helicopter parent" when it comes to my 4-legged buddy, however, I was never apprehensive about leaving him with Tiffany! I will be moving soon and I can only hope that I can find someone as capable and loving as Tiffany! Do not even hesitate to take your dog to Tiffany!"

"Anna and Jupiter had an amazing stay at Dash Point Dog House. Tiffany has a special place in her heart for rescues and our pups felt so welcomed. It was easy for us to enjoy our vacation knowing they were in such good care. She sent us home with a car load of donations that she was able to collect for Smidget Rescue. Anna and Jupiter were adopted from Smidget Rescue and the donations were very much appreciated! Thank you so much!"

"5 Star"

"The owner Tiffany Hill is an amazing women who gives every fur baby that extra individual care they all deserve. Your dog will be pampered and spoiled in her care. My dogs love her."

"DOGWORXX is awesome. Our dog Dottie is terribly shy. We knew she wanted to play with other dogs but didn't know how she would react to daycare. Dogworxx took her in gently, did the behavioral assessment and very soon Dottie had her tail wagging and was ready to play."


Adopter of Smidget Rescue pup Olive <3

"Tiffany is amazing! My Olive loves every aspect of this amazing place!"

"Tiffany and the crew at Dogworxx take the well being of your furry family personally. It is so clear how much they love our pups. I've already recommended Dogworxx to several of my neighbors. Competitively priced and extremely convenient, Toby gets a full day of attention, friends, exercise and maybe even a bath/pedicure. It doesn't get any better than this!"

"Cute boutique doggie daycare run by a woman with a huge heart for dogs in need! Couldn't ask for a more dedicated and caring person to supervise your pup's playtime. Facilities kept scrupulously clean, too. Highly recommended!"

"5 Star"

"5 Star"

An extremely happy, and positive environment for all pups ... small, medium or large! :D
I could not be happier about bringing my Corgi here to run, and play, and socialize. And a special shout out to Tiffany, who loves them all as much as we do! Thank You T!

RIP Sweet Dottie girl... Seeing this girl light up & run w/ the puppies was the highlight to my day's. So much spunk in this sweet senior.. :'(

Our 10 month old Golden LOVES it. She is always excited when we bring her and she can't get in there quick enough! We like how everyone there is very friendly, shares with us about the dog's day and it's nice to see all the photos and videos! Our pup Lily especially loves the pool. I don't think there has been a day that she hasn't gone in it. We are so happy we found Dogworxx!

"Honus just loves coming to DOGWORXX! Tiffany has just a wonderful place for the dogs. The K9 grass is awesome and small group size to give the dogs a great experience with personal attention. Great location downtown Tacoma. Love the half day option too. It's great to have a place for your dog when the weather or your busy schedule gets in the way of getting your dog some exercise. Love this place!"

"5 Star"

"Thank you Dogworxx! Deckerd was able to sit through (and enjoy) an entire football game at a brewery after gaining confidence at doggy daycare!"

I don't normally do reviews, but I just had to because of how wonderful this place is. Dogworxx is amazing! My boyfriend and I always feel comfortable and relaxed when we bring Jynx for daycare. She comes for a full day, and she is worn out by the time she gets home! She gets really excited when we mention the words "friends" and "dogworxx"! If you are interested in bringing your furry one to a daycare, I suggest trying the daycare. Tiffany is absolutely terrific with all the furry ones, and she loves them as their own. Thank you Tiffany for providing excellent services and just for simply being YOU! We appreciate all that you do.

"I love having peace of mind knowing that my dog is in great hands surrounded by other even-tempered dogs! I just got my yorkie shitzu groomed here (he looks FANTASTIC) and then he stayed after to play with some canine buddies and I've never seen him so social!"

"Having worked with Tiffany for years now with rescue dogs, I can definitely say your dog is in GREAT hands under her care. She will stop at nothing to ensure the dogs are happy & well! DOGWORXX is a well thought out daycare, and I've seen first hand how much FUN the dogs have!! Highly recommend"

"Love to bring my dog here. She loves it. The staff are great."

"My wife and I have enrolled our boy, Savvy, into this day care and couldn't be more thrilled to have done so! The atmosphere is pristine, inviting, and full of playful pups of all sizes and age, which is appropriate and perfect in any pack! They have places to play, places to relax, and of course places to use the restroom without getting soaked up in the current winter weather! We couldn't be any happier with our choice of coming to Dogworxx!"

"Tiffany is a class act! She watched our Oscar, and although Oscar doesn't like to play too nicely with other dogs, Tiffany took great care of him. Your pooches & pups will be in great hands and loving company!"

"Dogworxx has great employees and wonderful dogs! I loved getting to volunteer!"

"Tiffany has poured her heart into Dogworxx. She loves helping all the furries and they love her. She is so caring, attentive and basically treats them like their all hers....and hers are spoiled. She is the number 1 person I trust with my babies!"

"We LOVE Tiffany and all of the wonderful playmates that Diesel gets to spend play time with. They take such great care of all of the furry babies!!!" 

"Great doggy daycare with small pack. Would highly recommend!"

I absolutely adore this place. My fur babies and I could not be happier!!! Tiffany, the owner, is an incredible and giving person who truly loves what she does and everyone who works with her can't help but catch the excitement!  And Margie the groomer is a miracle worker. She has a heart of gold to work with my pups who have a high amount of anxiety when it comes to grooming. Hubby and I adopted our dogs from the shelter three months ago and we've been working on getting them socialized and back to normal health. I feel very privileged to get to bring my dogs here because I've seen the growth they've had in bringing them here. Dogworxx and it's staff have definitely been part of the process. Plus, whenever I pick them up we take a walk around the Foss Waterway which is right in front of the Glass Museum. It's just so beautiful! I can't help but feel grateful every time we get to come for a visit. 

Pluses for me were the size of the doggie daycare. I think 22 is the most I heard coming to spend the day. There might be more than that but certainly not 40-50 dogs in a day like some bigger facilities. Which is nice for my little doggie Nola who I think would feel very overwhelmed anywhere else. The facility is brightly colored and just plain fun to look at. There's items for the dogs to climb, a doggie pool, and even a dog TV with images of dogs playing going on. All in all very inviting. My dogs come back to me looking happy, well groomed, and tired from all the socializing! 

Tiffany also is part of a Thai dog rescue program. It is incredible to hear that since they've started it, they've assisted in over 50 dogs finding forever homes! So the company Dogworxx is not only great for your dog, but you're helping dogs from other places as well! I definitely recommend coming to check this place out!

"Sometimes you need a little vacation from your dogs or perhaps life gets a little busy and you need a reliable place that you can take your dogs to for proper care and attention, for us and our dogs, Dogworxx is that place. It's fully indoors with a limited amount of dogs so your dog gets a lot of personal attention. It's really easy to book appointments to reserve your space and to perhaps book other services provided like grooming. A live stream camera makes it really nice to check in and watch your dog have a blast with the other dogs. Dogworxx posts on social media platforms awesome pics and cleverly edited videos to make your dog feel like a star or at least grandma across country will think they are. For us and our dogs, this is the perfect doggie daycare and I'm sure it will be for you too."

"Thank you Tiffany and your groomer! This place is amazing! No smell like you find in other boarding places. Grass. Incredible friendly and professional service! After our groomer moved out of the area, my wife was looking for a groomer for our older Rot/Shepherd mix Zeuss. She found Dogworxx. And is really happy! Zeuss smells and looks great. Tiffany and her groomer are knowledgeable and helpful. My wife is handicapped and needs help. Unlike other boarding facilities, Dogworxx is not overcrowded. We will be back!"

"5 Star"

"They are amazing!! They have been a life saver for us. They take great care of our boys!!!!! Thanks again"

"Our senior dog had been asked to leave her prior daycare of five years due to her late-in-life destructive separation anxiety.  We understood and parted ways in a positive way.  My husband found DOGWORXX and met the owner, Tiffany.  We brought Sofie in for a behavioral assessment,  crossed our fingers and drove away.  I truly believe it was the comfort of a smaller daycare and the constant attention Tiffany and her pack leaders Cindy and Margie have along with their many volunteers that Sofie found her comfort zone. When we lost Sofie, Tiffany helped us adopt two dogs from Thailand.  Ella was scared to death of her own shadow, but in 4 months, Tiffany has helped Ella gain so much confidence in herself. Louie is 1 day new to the DOGWORXX park, but with so many positive vibes, he made it through his assessment and a grooming with Margie to boot! Ella and Louie can play with their fur friends, relax on one of the many beds, plushy couch or over-stuffed chair provided while they watch their favorite shows on tv.  It's warm, it's clean and Tiffany & John installed a state of the art irrigation system so the pups can potty without the lingering potty smell. Important to all of us who have had dogs in indoor daycares that have left our dogs smelling like the daycare.  We are thrilled to have found Tiffany and her wonderful doggie daycare.  She's so involved in the community, you may have met her before at any one of the many markets or local and abroad shelter activities!  She's so great about making all of us at DOGWORXX feel like we're part of our own little community."

"I volunteer and foster for a dog rescue in Seattle. The owner  of Dogworxx (Tiffany) hosted a dog adoption event and had a donations drive. Tiffany was on hand helping out and you can feel she has great energy and love the pups.  

It's a great open space for plenty of playtime and hang out space for the pups to rest if they prefer quiet time. If I lived closer I would definitely treat my pup and foster pup on rainy days for exercise. My foster was exhausted when we got home - she had a good time.

I look forward to returning in 2018 if the opportunity presents itself."

We LOVE being a part of the Dogworxx family and are SO LUCKY to have you in our building. 💕

"There should be ten stars. DOGWORXX is the best place ever. So much love and care. It’s all about the pups and not the money or volume. A true gem of a business! You’ve never seen such happy scoobies!"

"5 Star"

"So many amazing things about this place! Staff is extremely friendly and helpful. Love that they post pics and videos throughout the day. Also the sniff cam is a great feature to check in on my dog having fun and getting exercise (which results in her being really tired at night). Highly recommend this quality dog care!!"

"5 Star"

"Tiffany is honestly the best! our pups, bentley and brody LOVE going to daycare. as soon as they walk in the door, theyre ready to play. having the luxury of getting our pups groomed and them having a full 12hr day of play is a win win! the hours are great for working folks(especially those of us who work in the hospital) and the updates/videos/photos the staff post throughout the day of our pups is perfect! so glad we joined this awesome daycare! i really feel like the staff love my pups just as much as i do!"

"They are amazing! My Benny is so well loved there!"

"We loved it!!!! We just celebrated our dogs 5th birthday, great location and the dogs loved it. Tiffany was great to work with, no stress and both the dogs and humans had fun."

"This place is great, dogs roam free and come home and pass out. Staff is great and actually cares."

"5 Star"

"Great atmosphere, great staff/owners, great business plan! The best part about them is they put mine and my dogs anxiety about doggy daycare at ease!"

"I am new to the PNW, Dogworxx and all the staff here have been so helpful in the transition. They have been flexible, accommodating and kind with me and my dog. My dog LOVES IT. Every time we  walk past the place she drags me to the door, she wants to visit her people at daycare. They have helped me coordinate walks and overnighters for the weekend. The place is always clean. And everyone is just friendly. You cannot ask for more from your doggie daycare."

"I used to work in an office at Albers Mills next door to Dogworxx. I remember seeing the sign that a doggie daycare was opening. I already brought Big Bentley aka wiggle puss to daycare in Sumner but was excited to have a place closer that I could visit at lunch if I so desired. We began with Dogworxx within the month they opened. Bentley and I fell in love with Tiffany, Cindy and the rest of the crew. Yes, John too. They have been so awesome with Bentley and treat all the babies like they are their own. I love the fact that little and bigs are not separated because Big Bentley loves the littles. I no longer work in Tacoma and havent for a year but I continue to take the time to bring Bentley once a week. My criteria when looking for another job was that it had to be a relatively easy detour to Dogworxx. If you are looking for your scoobie to be loved and to have the ability to chill or play at will, Dogworxx is your place. Bentley's mama."

"In December of 2016, I got a puppy named Griff. I was on vacation during December and had all the days to be with him which was amazing, until I had to go back to work in January. Griff didn't do well being on his own and as a puppy, has an exorbitant amount of energy. I wasn't sure what to do with him. I had met Tiffany a couple of months before and remembered that she was opening up a doggie daycare in Tacoma. It was perfect timing ! I live in Puyallup and commute 23 minutes every morning to bring Griff to daycare. It is beyond worth it for me. Tiffany started with a 4 hour behavioral assessment, if Griff had passed that and I wanted him to stay the remainder of the day, it was only $30.00!! Seeing Griff happy and tired at the end of the day solidified that this was where he needed to be. It puts me at ease knowing that my fur baby is well taken care of during the day. They play non stop with the dogs, throwing the ball, letting the dogs play in the pool, etc. They are so interactive with each and every dog. I am so incredibly grateful to have Tiffany and her staff taking care of Griff during the day, it eases that Mom guilt of not being with my dog and I rest easy knowing he gets to go and play with his friends and be socialized instead of being home alone. DOGWORXX goes above and beyond for the dogs and parents, we have attended Yappy Hours where we get to meet other daycare dogs and parents as well as fundraisers for dogs in need. Tiffany and staff treat every dog as their own. I wouldn't think of going anywhere else ! 
We Love DOGWORXX !!"

"We love Dogworxx.  We have a year old chocolate labradoodle named Maisie and she loves her time at Dogworxx. We started taking her last October when she was about 4 months old and we were overwhelmed with a high energy very active pup.  We have had pugs for years and when a beloved pug had died of heart issues I decided to get a small sized doodle to be a pal to our other 6 year old pug.  Sadly our doodle puppy was a bit more than we bargained for and after lots of work with a trainer she needed some playtime with other active dogs to learn how to be a good pup.  We had tried a larger daycare that had puppy mondays and she did well but was very overwhelmed by the large size and the amount of dogs.  We tried a smaller daycare with smaller dogs and Maisie was just too active and rough.  My friend recommend dogworxx and we tried it out.  The size was perfect for our dog.  We loved the indoor park, the constant posts on social media and the way the ownership shared with us about Maisie's days. We worked together to help Maisie be part of the Dogworxx pack.  We only take her 1 or 2 times a week just enough to have a great day of play so when she comes home she is happy and tired.  We noticed she is so much kinder and gentler with our pug and she now seems to know when it is a daycare day because she get all excited in the morning looking out the window for our friend that often comes and picks her up to take her with her dog.  Thank you Dogworxx and crew, Maisie is more confident and balanced and loves her play time.  I appreciate your care for her and your communication about her day and how we can work together to help her be a great pup. Oh yeah and did I mention we live in Lakewood? It is so worth it to make the 20 to 30 min drive depending on Traffic)  into Tacoma to go to Dogworxx."


"The staff is GREAT and truly love playing and getting to know each dog🐶 I love this place so much and being all indoor, weather isn’t an issue and your pup isn’t muddy and soaking wet. They have so much fun and sleep amazing after a fun day of playing!"


"Today I held a Paw-ty at their facility for my dog's 10th birthday. Tiffany is so amazingly nice and was so thorough before the party that it went so well! I have a special dog so it was all humans and just him and he thought it was the best day ever. I was so overjoyed to see him so happy and having the space for everyone to celebrate him. They went over the top on all the little details and saved the day when I locked my phone inside. Thank you to everyone at Dogworxx!!!!"


"This place is awesome! We take our cocker spaniel puppy down there a few times a week. She loves playing with the dogs and we love checking out her pup dates. We have never had to use a day care before so we were very nervous and interviewed several places in the area. The owners husband was great on our pups first day... she wasn’t nervous but we were... and we felt safe leaving her there. Honestly the best place ever."


"We love this place!!! They are so wonderful with Piper and she comes home so tired! Thank you guys so much for everything and keep up the good work!!!"

"5 Star"


"5 stars, never have to worry about our fur baby!"

"I live on Dock Street and the staff at Dogworxx have been absolutely amazing at making sure my dogs get their walks ♥️ I can't thank them enough for making this service available to me and my dogs. Their daily posts are so nice to see when I'm at work and want to know how everything went. Thank you all so much you are wonderful, and I know Lando and Millie appreciate all you do!"


Our Hannah-Banana here loves daycare so much, she ran away off-leash, all the way down to our shop on the weekend when we're closed, awaiting the front doors to open for her! She loves it here! <3 <3 

"Tiffany, Tamrah, and Cindy are amazing! They truly love dogs and are passionate about what they do. Dogworxx is a boutique doggie day care where your dog will have full attention of the staff. My dog Hannah was very reluctant the first few times with separation anxiety. Tiffany recommended a "drop and dash" method and it worked out well. Hannah now gets excited when we walk over and she's now walking in on her own without looking back! She has a great time and is always exhausted. I highly recommend Dogworxx for your furry friend."


"If you want your furry family member to feel cared for and comfortable while playing in a safe environment this is the place to go. The pups can play, fetch, take a dip in the pool and when they're tired they can curl up on one of the leather couches for a nap. Mom and/or dad can check out Instagram and Facebook to see videos and pictures of their babies too!!!"


"I'm a big fan of Dogworxx. and of Tiffany the owner. I was worried about leaving my seven lb Yorkie, "Bug" behind with the bigger dogs. But she has the best time when she goes there. When I picked her up she was sleeping on the couch with a huge Great Dane. They play games and run through tunnels, get snacks. As soon as a dog goes to the bathroom, they clean it up with a microbial spray and it's gone. There is plenty of space. It's on the first floor of an apartment building and they video tape your dog so you can pull it up on Facebook and see how much fun they are having. Tiffany and her staff seem to love and adore all dog, and are very mindful of any personal traits they have.
Bug gets so excited when I say, "let's go play with the Big Dogs", she can hardly contain herself.


"Super friendly staff and great place for our pup to play! Highly recommend!!!"


"We’ve sent our COVID puppy, Griffey, here a few times to socialize and get to know other pups because quarantine has made it difficult to meet up and socialize her with other dogs. The staff is so sweet and attentive, always making her feel welcome. She’s a shy pup but slowly coming out of her shell and we know it’s because of her time spent here. We absolutely LOVE that she’s getting one on one time and care and attention compared to other spots that just stick your dog in a room with others and run a cam. Someone’s always there in case they need to mediate some play. One of the best parts is they are so active with sharing photos and videos of the dogs during the day. It’s so fun to see what Griffey is up to during the day!"

"I'm always leery of leaving my girl anywhere but she really seemed to love this place! I'm so glad I found it. She does the daycare and runs to the door when I'm dropping her off!  I see that as a good sign they're caring for her!!"


"Love, love, love this place! Best place I have seen for pups to hangout! I kinda wish they let people hangout there too! Will be returning"


"So thankful to Tiffany, the owner of DOGWORXX, for hosting an awesome event for Church of Pug! It was a huge success to help foster pugs with their vet bills. A clean and fun place for dogs to have fun! Thanks Tiffany!"


"DOGWORXX has been a life changer for us. Quin absolutely loves it here, it is dog Disneyland !
The entire staff makes sure all the guests are so loved, safe and any special needs met.
Refreshing to find people who truly love dogs and what they do. Tiffany and her team give so much to the community they live in and oat it forward.
Beyond blessed for all the hardworking, loving, kind people at DOGWORXX 🐾"


"There is nothing negative I can say about Tiffany and Dogworxx! This place is a Disneyland for pups! Toys, a tunnel, bones, leather couches, scooby movies playing and staff playing and interacting with them at all times! No pup goes home not wanting to come back. 💜"


"This place is amazing. All the staff are incredible and passionate about dogs. Our dog is a 60lb 4y/o boxer rescue with separation anxiety and to know he's in good hands is such a relief. He literally tries to drag me to dogworxx because he loves it so much. They are also very thoughtful and careful with their behavioral assessments when bringing in new dogs. Many people want to think their dog is great, but sometimes owners condone bad behavior and make excuses. And then drop them off at a dog daycare expecting someone else to train them. My dog has been attacked numerous times at public dog parks so this has always been a concern of mine when choosing a dog daycare. It's so cool to see such a wide variety of dogs, ranging from tiny to giant, playing all together in one space at Dogworxx. This is the evidence to support how great this place is. And by how tired and happy your pup will be at the end of the day. Thank you for caring for our beloved Zeus! You guys rock!"

We are shocked and completely heartbroken… Our beloved DOGWORXX founding fur fam, Zeus AKA Zeusy & Zeusers, sadly passed away yesterday… 💔😭😭😭

He was DOGWORXX 🐶💙 Our family, many of our pupper’s best friend (he had many), & the best greeter with howls heard all across the room just so excited to say hi to everyone… 🎶 People would walk into the shop & spot his adorable smug face & then would hear his happy howls & everyone instantly fell in love with him <3 Stella would hush him with her paws crisscrossed over his mouth if he was too happily singing... 😆

He was such a popular boy with all the kid’s wanting to give him kisses – literally would smother him daily (something about those jowls 😆) 💋 He was the one dog I could give a certain eye to & it was game on in which we’d sprint circles all around the dog house with him giving me ‘love bites’ if he’d catch me & boy did he make my heart go through my chest trying to escape such from happening because he left a number of fun colors on my legs & backside many times - ha! 😂 So worth seeing him get that excited though! I loved the bond we had & so many were impacted by all the love he had to give 💙

Moving to Texas this last Summer, we were so sad, wondering how different our pack would be without him & how he’d survive without all his fun fur pal’s. Well he gained a brindle Boxer brother, Hades, and they were so in love with each other, it made our hearts at ease, just knowing how happy he was. Now, we are so heartbroken for his parents & brother 💔 They gave him the absolute world. I remember every day his dad would pick him up in which he’d greet Zeus with a high-pitched, “ZEUSY!!!!” and that boy would go absolutely WILD, sooooo over the moon to see dad, jumping all around, like he had just won the lotto, every time! 😍

He would of been 6 on the 9th.. I'll never understand why, so soon.. 😢 He will ALWAYS be in our hearts… 💙 Sending BIG hugs to Katie, Brandon, & Hades 💜 You guys will always be family to us. We love you Zeusy, furever & always 💙

"Love everything about DogWorxx! The owners and staff treat each dog like their own. Ricky has a blast when he is there. Playing in the pool and fetching help burn off puppy energy!"


"The owners and staff are incredibly welcoming and caring. This is a high quality facility and every dog is loved. We could not be happier to be a part of the Dogworxx pack."

"We love DOGWORXX! Our pup loves it and we love the amazing staff! Our pup goes here Mon-Fri as we both work full time. I highly recommend this doggy day care to everyone in the Tacoma area! ❤️"


"My dogs love dogworxx. Tiffany really loves the dogs and takes good care of them. My bichon begs me to go everyday!"

"Our Buddy seems to really like it here."



"My furSon has been going there for a week and I am throughly pleased with this business. It’s clean, organized, well ran and they are true dog lovers who treat your pups like royalty. They are affordable and my Claude can barely stay awake once he gets home bc of all of the fun. I love that we can see multiple updates on our pups literally all day via Social media. Thanks Dogworxx!!!"


"Love this place.  I enjoy all the online pics and videos that the staff post. Seeing all the dogs playing and having fun is such a comfort for us dog owners!!!"


"12/10!!!!!!!! They were so patient with her!! The staff is friendly and helpful and the prices are awesome!"

"After volunteering here at Dogworxx with these people for two years I have to admit this place is better than I expected it would be.  All employees and owners are truly giving to each and every dog.  They ensure an exciting and fun time at daycare.  Such great attention and care is given to each pup.  Dogworxx people are the best dog people I have ever met!!  You can rest assured they have your back when it relates to your fur baby.  Best place there is for your baby in Tacoma."


"I volunteer and foster for a dog rescue in Seattle. The owner  of Dogworxx (Tiffany) hosted a dog adoption event and had a donations drive.  Tiffany was on hand helping out and you can feel she has great energy and love the pups.  

It's a great open space for plenty of playtime and hang out space for the pups to rest if they prefer quiet time.  If I lived closer I would definitely treat my pup and foster pup on rainy days for exercise.  My foster was exhausted when we got home - she had a good time.

I look forward to returning in 2018 if the opportunity presents itself."


"We love Dogworxx and what better day to give them a shout out than National Love Your Pet Day! They love our dog, Wilma, almost as much as we do. Wilma practically drags us to their door anytime we get close. She loves both her fur friends and the human pack leaders at Dogworxx. We love that she gets her sillies out by running, chasing the ball and wrestling with her friends. She always takes a long nap afterwards! The staff at Dogworxx should charge extra for all of the awesome photos and videos they take of all of the pups. We are so lucky to have found our extended fur family at Dogworxx!"

"This is a caring dog daycare. It’s like when you want your kids to have a relationship with their caretakers in a smaller space. All the dogs get to shine in their Instagram posts. Too cute. Very nice owners and the same dog friends everyday."


"This is the best dog day care. The staff is unreal how good they are. Completely blown away by the customer service and care my dog got."


"This is the best doggy daycare I have ever taken my dog to. The ladies that work here are amazing!"

"Such an awesome place! They hosted our rescue for a Christmas party/Santa picture fundraiser and did a fantastic job! All the dogs had so much fun running around off leash playing with each other. They were very generous and accommodating. Would definitely recommend them for daycare and parties!"


"I cannot say enough about this amazing place! This is doggie daycare like no other. Everyone here is a true dog lover, they will make you and your dog feel like family. Every dog is well cared for and loved. The space is well laid out, and is always immaculate. Lots of toys, tunnels, and a pool to keep the pups busy all day. From bark day parties to photos with Santa, this is a true dog community and there is no place my dogs would rather be!"

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