I understand your pet is your family & we treat them just as such! These FAQ's should answer many of the questions you may have about leaving your dog in our care. If you can’t find a specific answer to a question, feel free to contact us! Any & all questions are welcome! 

How do I get started?

  • Simply review the daycare requirements on the "Daycare" tab on our website here and if your pup sounds fitting, please register up in the right hand corner under 'register here', create an account, upload you & your pups information, including vaccinations & sign the agreement, add your payment information for swift check out, then request a Behavioral Assessment with time preferred & you'll receive an email confirmation, then we'll see you & your beloved companion soon! 

What vaccinations are required?

  • For the health & safety of our furry guests + insurance requirements, we require all pets to have up-to-date vaccinations on file at their veterinarian, including Rabies, Distemper (DHPP) & Bordetella & input online prior to arrival. Please have your dog on flea protection to protect them & our visitors. 

Must my dog be spayed/neutered?

  • YES. ALL dogs must be fixed if 6 months or older.  


Do you take drop-in's?

  • Yes! Forewarned, if arriving mid-day, the crew may want to say a big excited HELLO to you... ;)  


Do you take aggressive animals?

  • NO. If you think your dog may be aggressive around other dogs or male/females, even if strictly leash or fence aggressive, please consider another option. Safety is our first concern here. We want every dog to feel safe & comfortable without the worry of stressing while their owner is away. We also have strict breed restrictions in place due to the residential building we reside in. Please see the "Daycare" tab & scroll to the bottom for those restrictions. 


Do you administer medication?

  • Yes, we administer pills, supplements, ointments & other oral & topical medications for no additional charge. Please label the medication with your dog’s name & instructions. 

Will you feed my dog?

  • Bring your pups food/treats & we will break them in their own area so they can fill up! If feeding regularly, feel free to fill a container with food, put their name on top & we'll store for you so you don't have to bring every visit! We have a refrigerator to store raw food also. We do both lunch & dinner feedings! 


What happens if my dog gets ill or injured?

  • In either case, we will attempt to contact you or your emergency contact ASAP. If either are unable to be reached, DOGWORXX reserves the right to seek veterinary attention if deemed necessary. A medical release form with further information can be reviewed in the agreement that needs to be signed before joining us. 


Can you accommodate my dog that has special needs?

  • Absolutely! No pooch left out! We'd be more than happy to discuss if our environment is a good fit for your “special needs” loved one. We have cared for deaf, blind & dogs with hip/leg problems that have needed assistance with getting up/down furniture. 


What if my dogs property that I send with for daycare is damaged?

  • Due to extreme unpredictability of dogs, we can’t accept responsibility for unusual mishaps which is why we provide everything they may need including beds, toys, blankets, & bowls.

How do I check to see how my fur kid's day is going?

  • Follow us on Instagram & Facebook in which we post multiple photo/video pupdate's daily (some days are busier than others - we post when we can)! We always like owners to keep in the loop of how their dogs day is going! We ALWAYS inform if a dog has had any odd behavior, was nervous/shy, not including themselves or purely if they aren't enjoying daycare. We're very honest! So no news at pickup is good news - meaning they had a GREAT daycare day :) You're always free to ask! 

Do you separate the big & little's? 

  • No. Some of the best furiendships we have here are between the big & little's. The Behavioral Assessment ensures no dogs are too overly intrusive for our quaint space. There are areas for the pups to resort to get some peace and quiet & separate themselves from the pack some if desired. 

Where do I park?

  • Street parking is available directly in front which is free before 8AM & after 6PM, then it's pay parking in which most turn on their flashers & run in for quick drop-pickup & out! There is a loading zone two driveways to the right of the storefront in which you can hug the right shoulder to park for free which we highly recommend, but again, quick in/out is easy to do with our online reservation system - grab & go! *We are working on getting a 30 minute loading zone approved directly in front! 

What could my dog experience after staying with you for daycare?

  • In past experience, we have been told numerous times when our fur friends depart after a long day of play, they instantly fall asleep on the car ride home & have a good two days of recovery! Your dog may experience fatigue from so much excitement & interaction at DOGWORXX! Many clients enjoy their fur kids peaceful demeanor afterwards ;)  

Daycare Hours

M-F: 7AM-6:30PM

Dock St Dog Walking & Home Visits

5 Days a week by appt! Including Kitty visits too!


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