Behavioral Assessment



Includes up to 4hrs of stay & play! If all goes swell & your pup wants to stay longer, an additional $20 1/2 day fee will be added to accommodate your schedule for the rest of the day. Must REGISTER online first! 

Full Day


1/2 Day


Up to 4hrs of stay & play! 

Daycare Pickup/Drop-Off


The Henry Residents: 6:50AM pickup, 12:50PM pickup/drop-off or drop-off at the very end of the day! Evening drop-off 5PM-6:30PM! Reserve a day ahead to guarantee availability! Drop-off in the evening always guaranteed available! $5/way    

Theas Landing & The Esplanade: Offered 12:45PM & Drop-Off at 6:30PM! $12

Daycare Packages

Must be used within 60 days! 

Use for as many dogs in the household as you'd like! 

10 Day Package



15 Day Package



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Daycare Requirements

  • Updated Vaccinations: Rabies, Distemper (DHPP)Bordetella

  • Dogs over 6 months old must be spayed/neutered

  • Must have ID tag on collar or be microchipped.  

  • ALL dogs must undergo a Behavioral Assessment before joining us for daycare. Aside from ensuring they're a great fit for our pack, we like to document what they like/dislike, noting their energy level, personality quirks, behaviors or anything to help prep one of our Pack Leader's who will be watching them who haven't met yet! 1 behavioral conducted at a time! Please understand that not every dog is meant for our quaint space, so even if they're social, the environment bay not be suitable for every dog. Nothing wrong with that! We have other daycare facilities in the area that we'll happily recommend to tailor to your pup's needs. 

  • NO aggression, inc fence aggression, excessive mounting or barking, herding/nipping, overly intrusive behavior (neck pinning, overly active towards others causing stress), or an increasing amount of dominance tolerated. First strike the behavior will attempt to be corrected by a Pack Leader. The owner will be informed if it continues, seeking advice on how to correct. Unless the behavior is excessive, we reserve the right to dismiss them from daycare immediately. We do have a 7' x 20' comfortable holding area to hold until pickup while relieving regularly for potty breaks + lots of attention still given. Please keep in mind, we're a very SMALL shop (not common), so overly active, big 'working dogs', or dominant kid's, we recommend a larger facility. The last thing we want is our pack stressed out or feeling unsafe. Our quaint facility isn't meant for every pooch (nothing wrong with that, but please be advised beforehand)!         

  • Our facility is quaint in which they do see people arriving/exiting the shop, so if they aren't comfortable with our setup, along with our fence line and we find it to be a nuisance, see that they are stressed or are harmful to themselves if they try to jump, we will recommend other options in the area that don't have our sort of setup that would be better fitting for them to keep them safe & stress-free.

  • Due to where we reside in a residential building, STRICT BREED RESTRICTIONS are enforced that we MUST abide by. We LOVE all breeds, but for insurance reasons in this specific residential location, we unfortunately cannot welcome American Stafford-shire/Pit Bull Terrier's, American Bulldog's, Cane Corso's, Akita's, Doberman's, Rottweiler's, Wolf Dog's, Presa Canario's, Bull Mastiff's, German/Dutch Shepard's (inc majority mixes), Alaskan Malamutes, Malinoise or Chow Chow's into the facility.                                         

Daycare Hours

M-F: 7AM-6:30PM

Dock St Dog Walking & Home Visits

5 Days a week by appt! Including Kitty visits too!


Find Us

1941 Dock St Ste B,

Tacoma, WA 98422

(Bottom of The Henry)


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