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Meet & Greet
To ensure the safety and compatibility of your dog and our pack, we require that you complete a meet & greet prior to booking daycare. 

Our meet & greet includes up to 4hrs of stay & play!
Please review daycare requirements below and register online.  

Full Day

1/2 Day
Up to 4hrs of play! 

Daycare Packages
We recommend purchasing one of our Daycare Packages to take advantage of the savings!
Use for as many dogs in the household as you'd like! 

10 Half Day Package
10 Day Package

15 Day Package

*+ tax applies to all services.
*We are cashless! Please have a card on file!

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Daycare Requirements

  • Must be 5 months or older. 

  • Dogs over 6 months old must be spayed/neutered

  • Updated Vaccinations: Rabies, Distemper (DHPP)Bordetella

  • Must have ID tag on collar or be microchipped.  

  • ALL dogs must undergo a Meet & Greet before joining us for daycare. Aside from ensuring they're a great fit for our pack, we like to document what they like/dislike, noting their energy level, personality quirks, behaviors or anything to help prep one of our Pack Leader's who will be watching them who haven't met yet! 

  • NO aggression, inc fence aggression, excessive mounting or barking, bullying, herding/nipping, overly intrusive behavior (neck pinning, overly active towards others causing stress), or an increasing amount of dominance tolerated. First strike the behavior will    

  • Due to residing in a residential building, STRICT BREED RESTRICTIONS are enforced. We LOVE all breeds, but unfortunately cannot welcome American Stafford-shire/Pit Bull Terrier's, American Bulldog's, Cane Corso's, Akita's, Doberman's, Rottweiler's, Wolf Dog's, Presa Canario's, Bull Mastiff's, German/Dutch Shepard's (inc majority mixes), Alaskan Malamutes, Malinoise or Chow Chow's.                                  

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