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Making it easier on your pups paws & joints while giving them the ability to relieve themselves instantaneously! In our quest to seek out the highest quality of turf grass created to given an 'outdoor feel' while providing our dogs with a safe, healthy place to stay & play, DOGWORXX has discovered the best artificial grass out there, specifically designed for our furry friends: K9Grass, made by ForeverLawn.


Covering 1000sq ft of the indoor play space, its exclusive flow-through backing, short dense blade structure, & antimicrobial protection, offers a cleaner, safer, better environment for pets. The K9Grass provides for immediate drainage of the turf itself which we ensure to spray down nightly while deodorizing for an XXTra clean effect. K9Grass is the first & only artificial grass product developed specifically for use with dogs. 

What makes K9 Grass Unique?

Durable: Dense interlocking construction of high-grade materials. 

Drainable: Unique knitted flow-through backing. 

Cleanable: Short, dense, non-infill construction greatly enhances cleanability. 

Safe: Integral Alphasan antimicrobial protection built-in. 

Maintenance: Cleanliness is one of our top priorities, ensuring the fluffies stay safe from illness. Solid waste is removed & disposed of immediately & soiled areas are regularly rinsed with the hose which removes any leftover residue from the blades & underlying floor surfaces. The perimeter of the 'park' has sprinklers that go off under the turf, ensuring to spray all liquids to designated drains so it helps with smell & it remains cleaned underneath. We use a deodorizer & cleanser that is non-toxic, biodegradable, hypo-allergenic, safe for pets & specifically designed for artificial turf, that is applied nightly after raking the grass to get hair up that helps with odor control + cleaning the floor & underlayment material. We pressure wash the turf on the weekends to help with any additional underlying liquids that may be collecting in various areas, while really deep cleaning that underlying material. There is a special feature in our central air system that sucks out any lingering odors also. During the colder months, there is much more moisture in the air that you'll notice upon entering the door, but everything is clean and the air is circulates with the above & floor fans. 

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