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Updated since filming:



- Live web cam footage is discontinued. Follow us on Facebook & Instagram for all the furry fun 'pupdates' throughout the play day, 9AM-3PM-ish!

-Viewing windows are now covered to prevent the pup's from belting out their 'singing voices' for everyone that passes by! 


- Several nice leather couches throughout to add to their comfort, along with more dog loungers, beds & platforms to relax on when they need a break!

- A tall 7' entryway fence which has tremendously helped with the pup's who used to get extra eager to greet everyone who entered the door way! 

- Ball pit/pool to frolic in!

- Door bell for swift drop & go + pickup for doggy + retail delivery!

*It keeps evolving over the years to switch it up for the pup's! Gotta keep the excitement going!!! But this video gives you a good idea for the space layout! 

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