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Contact Jesse Kleinschmidt

Text: 253-330-6695



Offered to The Henry Residents 

Up to 30 min of 1 on 1 healthy exercise, potty run, sniffing spree, XXtra loving play & attention, water refill, snack & pupdate!

Gone for the night!? We'll ensure they get a couple of super spoiled visits to increase their comfort while you're away! 

We care for kitties, turtles, fish, etc too! 1 walk fee/any number of those additional pets!

Meet at our shop for a key hand-off & initial meet with your pup between 2:30PM - 6:30PM M-F

 Contact for additional days/times


$30; $10 for additional fur fam

Offered to Current Dogworxx Customers

Dog walks $15 for 30 minutes, $25/hr

Dog Hike at Point Defiance $50 for 2 hour adventure

Day time sitting/drop in's - price varies!

$5 upcharge for additional dog

$10 upcharge outside of pierce county

***This is not a Dogworxx service***

Please book with Jesse Directly

*If we show up to walk your pup & you're home & decide our services aren't needed or your dog is not home, you forfeit the full amount for service.


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